Editor Bob’s Friend: Adrian

Editor Bob's friend, Adrian.

The multi-cultural Adrian is a Chinese-Puerto Rican who loves both his parents’ heritages. He’s studying to be an actor and hopes to make it big in the New York theater scene. He works as a caterer to support himself while in pursuit of his dream career. He’s also my part-time critic, idea box, and roommate. He’s a great guy to have around the house because of his sense of humor. Sometimes I envy Adrian because he still has it in him to chase his dream–as opposed to me, who’s moved on.

Adrian has a great collection of DVDs and even shooting scripts from famous movies. He’s a great collector and he puts them to good use. He’s a big film buff and knows about all those weird foreign movies that no one else has heard about. It’s very interesting to watch movies with him because he knows all the behind-the-scenes drama and has a sharp eye for bloopers. Word of warning though, don’t watch movies with him if you don’t want to know how they shot certain things. When film festivals are in town, Adrian’s the man to know–he knows where and how to get all the passes!

Adrian usually goes around the apartment in character from one of his plays or as someone in the movies. He can be quite the thespian, and knows all the lines. He has a special talent carrying on conversations using lines from different movies. Sometimes it’s tough to guess who he’s playing. My favorite character that he does is Tony Montana from “Scarface”. He can do Al Pacino so well that it’s really scary. I told him that if he doesn’t make it as an actor he should pursue a career in comedy–hey, that requires a lot of skills too!

How I Met Adrian

Adrian and I met in drama class back when I thought I had acting chops. We used to practice our lines together all the time. We used to improv or talk in gibberish and act just to have some fun. He recently moved to New York and quickly became my roommate.


  • Favorite Accessory: Pocket Size Comb.
  • Favorite Drink: Perrier Bottled Water.
  • Life Ambition: Become a great actor.
  • Favorite Quote: “It’s easy to fool the eye but it’s hard to fool the heart.” Al Pacino