Editor Bob’s Friend: Boss

BossAhem! Any guesses who I am?

I’ve heard I occur in Bob’s nightmares a lot. Yes , you’ve guessed it right! I’m Bob’s boss but you may know me better as the BIG man on the campus.

Bob’s a bit sloppy at times and he sure makes me go bananas quite often!! I like it when things are kept in place and deadlines are met. But these things seem to alienate Bob, who is perpetually late and terribly messy with the desk! So how do I tolerate Bob, you ask? Well, honestly, Bob’s a really talented guy and when he actually gets down to work (god, I wish that happens more frequently!), the outcome’s so amazing and it makes me wonder as to how a slapdash like Bob did it!

The best thing about this fellow Bob is the big smile he always has on him. Even if he bumps right into me having arrived half an hour late to work, I’m never deprived of this grinning greeting ‘Good Morning Boss!’

But 24/7 there’s a pile of junk on Bob’s desk. What else can you expect of someone gifted at procrastination? I sometimes lose track of the number of times I’ve told him to clear it. But never mind, just an easy stroll by his side and the mountain of files and papers would soon disappear in minutes. That’s the way it is and has always been! So while I go and make my presence felt, you go and get organized!

How I Met Boss


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