Editor Bob’s Friend: Mr. Ruffles

Mr. RufflesGive him some milk and fish and he will be of no trouble. Of course it’s got to be the freshest milk and only boiled fish!

Hello I’m Donna and am talking about Mr. Ruffles, my pampered pet puss. This Persian cat that I own is one of the three kids I can’t stop worrying about. But I sometimes feel that Ruffles is more attended to and mollycoddled than my son Ethan and daughter Emily. Quite a royal living actually!

Guess that’s what gives him all the kingly courage to scream at Kong and Pirate whenever Bob comes over with them. When Mr. Ruffles is at rest on his plush red, fleece-covered bed, you can’t tell from his face that he can send two big dogs, double his size, run for cover! Much contrary to popular feline ‘fear factors’, this Ruffles is totally unruffled at the sight of the barkers. He has this interesting way of self-defense; fluffs up his furs and fixes the tail at a perfect right-angle with the torso. Then with a purring sound diffusing into a distinct grrrr, he has it in command at once!

My colleagues and friends keep teasing me with the way I spoil my Ruffles. But then that’s a weakness you might say; I just can’t be hard on the puss. Teaching him some discipline has been taken care of by Emily. Let’s wait and watch when that begins to show! Bob will keep you abreast on his progress (if any) through the weekly newsletters.

Till then, have a nice time!

How I Met Mr. Ruffles


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