Editor Bob’s Friend: Pirate

PirateRuff Ruff!

Yeah that’s how he sounds when he’s happy, which he almost always is!

Who the ‘he’, you ask? Well, am talking about the adorably naughty Pirate. Kong’s consistent partner in household ‘crimes’, this Pirate belongs to my friend who’s away on a work trip to Europe. So thus landed this bundle of energy (aka Pirate) here with us. Kong’s very happy to have a bud around. And the two make one pawsome combo too!

Now Pirate is quite a pirate, you know. Of course wouldn’t miss the black patch over his left eye. Reminds you of one? Lemme tell you this Pirate can be any day more notorious than the ones you’ve read in books. And when it comes to stealing food, he’s the undisputed champ! Much popular in the neighborhood (of course for the wrong reasons!), Pirate or Mr. Sneak (as he is sometimes called) fears no one except a vet.

Kong and Pirate make a great pair of foodies and it’s quite funny to see the two teaching tricks to each other. Pirate has managed to make Kong a lot sneakier and Kong in turn, to my misery, has taught Pirate to chew things up!

So that’s it about Pirate. Kong and I have a boney good time with him around and if you want to get updates on his latest antics, do stay hooked on to the weekly newsletters. Signing off with a big doggy grin!

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