Editor Bob’s Friend: Ron

RonHey wanna share a bite?

Of course you won’t! You must’ve heard this? it’s a sin to keep a devoted foodie from food. 😉

Well well, I’m that foodie I was just telling you about. People call me Ron; I am a father, a friend, a colleague, an incorrigible epicure and Bob’s fave butt of all jokes! You think I mind that? Naah…with all the help he gives me, I allow Bob the occasional ‘lapses’ of good sense. (Psstt he will be happy to know that at least I acknowledged his having SOME good sense!!)

Now I don’t mind my statistics much; but Bob and the others in the gang keep telling me, ‘Ron, you need to cut out the bulge ’round your belly. Why don’t you go for a morning jog?? Eeeeks!!’ Even the thought’s enough to spoil my day. I’m a total un-morning person and just plain morning walk’s a nightmare, let alone jog! Now this Barbie-doll Kate in our office is after my life with this; I wonder if she’s breeding a secret desire to take me for a modeling gig sometime. God! Just one advice; you stay at home that day, for it won’t make a pretty sight with me on the ramp!

Life’s so much fun, why not enjoy things the way they are? Live the way you want and let live the way they want. I bet it’s gonna be one total fun-ride through! Take a bow and say goodbye to your worries!

I’ll sign off on that cool note now! Catch you later!

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