One Leadership Lesson Learnt From The Spring Bloom!

It is one of the most hectic times at office. Wins are being celebrated with heavy paychecks and losses are being overtly allotted.

Being a leader of a team I was in a harried state. I decided to step out in fresh air for sometime. I was thinking about the best possible way to encourage my lower yielding teammates without bullying or embarrassing them.

Spring was pushing the lazy, frigid trees resulting in a citrus bloom. The lemony fragrance hung in the air that touched my face as I walked out of the office. It stroked the leaves and branches gently at the time. I got a great insight by just being one with the environment.

The good stress or eustress is needed for everyone to perform to their optimum level. A leader must know when to wear a velvet glove on the iron fist to push the team’s performance.

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We learn a lot from nature. I realized it’s best to stand with the wins as well as the losses. We must embrace temperance when we are dealing with folks.

With Easter’s spirit of new beginnings and a freshly illumined mind I realized whenever we are stuck up we must turn to mother nature as she will always come up with a solution and brighten up the dull pathways.

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Love & Joy,
Editor Bob

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