Rejoice On The Birth Of The Finest Nation On Earth- America!

The land of the free and home of the brave, America, celebrates its 239th birthday on Fourth of July. We Americans take pride and rejoice in the spirit of the nation.

I am looking forward to the sing–along party planned by Aaliyah in the backyard on Fourth of July. “Why sing–along party?” I asked Aaliyah. She smirked and said, “Because I need some laughter along with the flame & grill.” I couldn’t disagree much remembering the last karaoke get- together where Fred crooned and everyone’s jaw dropped, followed by a booing audience. It was hilarious.

The place is blooming with colorful & vibrant flowers. Butterfly weeds, Geranium, clusters of Viola are lining the garden along with a carpet of purple lovegrass. The weather is comforting. It’s the best time to enjoy summer get-together with friends.

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Aaliyah is excited about adorning the place with the theme of America, the colors of red, blue and white reflect on the canopy covering our lawn picnic table. She is baking some delightful cup cakes with star sprinklings to relish with beer & BBQ. Flags stand in the center of the table swaying independently with the wind.

Fireworks mark the completion of this glorious day and we all will be driving to the Brooklyn Promenade, to stand on the rooftop. We get the sweeping view from the Statue of Liberty to the Brooklyn Bridge from there. It’ll be splendid to watch the luminous bursts of fireworks right above our heads.

America is one of the most patriotic nations in the world as per CIA World Factbook. As citizens we are grateful to be living in a progressive and independent nation.

Get ready for the Fourth of July! There is so much to celebrate about our great country and Fourth of July is for just that.

Remain grateful to where you belong. Rejoice in its victory or stand by its side in the efforts of enhancement. Take pride in your home and your folks.

Happy Fourth of July!

Love & Joy,
Editor Bob

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