Where Will You Be 5 Years From Now?

Yesterday I got enlightened.

I woke up early with a sweet peck on my cheek from my girlfriend Aaliyah. Megan, Adrian, Donna and Fred came over to my house to surprise me on my 36th birthday. Kingkong, my dog-friend, was circling around me with excitement.

As we sat in the living room, we discussed how far we had come from the youthful dawn of dreams to the scorching noon of midlife realities when you have to prove your worth and do not get repeated chances.

All were engrossed in reflections but Adrian was visibly disturbed. After gulping down a quart of beer he vented out. He said angrily, “Bob, I am sorry I couldn’t buy you a gift buddy, I am almost broke… I’m a hardworking guy but it couldn’t pay off my dues, the government imposes unfair taxes upon diligent people like me.” He was disheartened.

Fred pitched in, “hard work has nothing to do with getting rich. Science of wealth is based upon the universal law of resonance.” I got really interested as although I wasn’t really broke like Adrian, I was stuck in the rat race. He continued, “It’s our age old belief about money that creates a lot of fear, we develop a poverty consciousness never realizing that money is a free flowing energy which can be called upon with a clear intent followed by a right blend of action and intelligence.”

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“Have you ever noticed the lush green garden in your backyard, Bob?” I nodded, he said, “it was barren few years back when you decided to nurture it, it flowers pink and purple now. Fresh blooming bulbs of Tulip pouring out along with the blossoming flowers and fruits are a mark of universal abundance created by a right mix of intent, action and timing.” Adrian argued, “But seasons change and the flowers die, the leaves fall leaving a frigid patch of land,” Megan smilingly replied, “for such seasons we make pickles and jams, we have learned to preserve Ad!”

Everyone laughed and Adrian’s mood was lighter. I thought of sharing an insight, I remember my graduation party, I was sitting by the campfire with friends, recently graduated, full of zeal and enthusiasm. The discussion was, “how we see ourselves 5 years from now?” each one was sharing, a few of them were visual as if they could see it happening, some had no clue including me. Today when I retrospect I can see where I went wrong. Most of my friends who had a clear map are there while the ones who were clueless then are still stumbling to find a way.

Whether you have a purpose or not the law of attraction works, you pulsate with the attitude of abundance or you shrink in the self-created feeling of lack, it says, so be it!

We all came up with a beautiful conclusion and took ownership of the conditions we were in. We all sat there sipping the pint, mapping ourselves in the timeline, 5 years from now.

Let’s share our experiences of life which have left a mark in our hearts.

Love & Joy,
Editor Bob

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