Make the most of Christmas this year with these fun activities that best capture the spirit of giving that is at the heart of the festival.

Christmas is a time for reconnecting with loved ones; for carols, stories and gifts; for celebration that focuses on giving, rather than on receiving. As the year draws close, you’re inevitably faced with the desire to bid the glorious year adieu in a memorable way, and the celebrations begin right from Christmas Eve. Now, while it is perfect to fantasize the land of reindeer and elves, at the same time you can create some of this magic in real life and make this holiday season unforgettable through these simple activities.

Volunteer As Santa

Christmas is all about spreading happiness. I remember last Christmas Fred wore the costume and stuffed some fluffy pillows to get the goodly look of Santa and went out with a big bag of goodies and Christmas tales. He had the best time of his life and his face was aglow with the light of love and affection he received from the children in the neighborhood. I haven’t seen such a big grin on his face before.

Join A Caroling Group

Love to croon the hymns? Join the neighboring carol singing group and enjoy the delight of harmonizing your voice with others and sing the best Christmas hymns. I have joined a group of Carol singers in the vicinity and I really enjoy surprising the neighbors by ringing their doorbell on the Christmas Carol Day and sing as they open their door. The bright smiles and cheer is worth the effort.

Deck The Halls And Light Up Your Christmas Tree

Christmas is a perky and dazzling festival with baubles, trinkets, stars and gifts shining bright. Aaliyah enjoys decking up the halls, giving a scarlet sheen to the living room and lighting up the Christmas tree with little decorations and colorful lights. It is wonderful as we kiss under the mistletoe and enjoy the shimmer and fun together.

Send Christmas Greetings!Send Christmas Greetings!

Christmas Love! Send Christmas Love Greetings!Send Ecard

Merry Christmas Greetings! Send Merry Christmas Greetings!Send Ecard

Christmas Hugs! Send Christmas Hugs!Send Ecard!

Share The Laughter

The spirit of Christmas is in giving unconditionally and sharing love and wishes. At office we play secret Santa and it is fun. We all pick up a name randomly and find ways and means to surprise the one whose name we picked up with little gifts and loving messages on colorful post it notes from Christmas Tree Light Day to the Christmas Eve secretly. The happy giggles and chirpy cheer is contagious and sets the right tone for the festivity.

Contribute And Serve

Christmas brings out the generous side of you. Participate or contribute groups who are engaged in giving home to the homeless, food to the hungry, medicines to the sick and are rekindling the flame of humanity. Let love be the light as you serve in the dark. Send wishes to those who need it. Fulfill someone’s one wish.

Friends enjoy and have fun with your friends, folks and community. Don’t forget to spread love and cheer.

Love & Joy,
Editor Bob

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