6 Ways To Beat The Winter Blues!


Chilly and overcast day in New York reminds me that January is a dull time in the social calendar. Most part of the month is spent indoors with uncountable servings of coffee. Often hugging my loving, furry pal helps keep me warm inside out.

Send A Hug Day Ecard!

Send A Hug Day Ecard!

There is a strange connection between the winter blues and missing someone special. Even a message from them can enliven the day and bring color into your life.

I have often wondered about the ways to spruce up the dull days and have realized these 6 assured ways to bring the excitement back and do away with the monotony.

  1. Decorating your space with snazzy and colorful January Flowers are a good way to spread some cheer in your lives. I especially love the orchids. These effervescent flowers bring a smile and fill me with a renewed sense of purpose.
  2. Bake and share the sweet and spicy Pumpkin Pie. The ‘sunshine dish’ is what me and Aaliyah call it, is delightful on a winter evening especially when it is shared with your loved ones and friends.
  3. Spend quality time with your folks. What do I mean by quality time is to listen actively and not merely listen to retort, to share what adds meaning to your life rather than engaging in small talks. Laugh, love or shed a tear or two but be with those who await you with all their heart. Remember to appreciate with genuine compliments.
  4. Let bygones be bygones and move forward with love and enthusiasm. Slower your pace to take stock of where you are headed.
  5. Express your love in a subtle manner. It doesn’t need a shout-out rather just a whisper or a nudge or that special look which can melt the heart in an instant.
  6. Let music soothe your soul when you stay indoors with your loved ones. I love the many winter playlists compiled on YouTube. Watch or read uplifting messages to feed the fire in you.

Whisper I Love You Day Ecard

Send Whisper ‘I Love You’ Ecard!

It is easy to drown in the ocean of sadness for any reason, big or small, but the winning moment is to emerge and evolve and also know the art of pulling others out of the drudgery.Compliment Day Ecard

Send Compliment Day Ecard!


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