A Blissful Me Time Is My Therapy!

The soft chime of the doorbell echoed as I stepped inside the neighborhood cafe. A familiar blend of rich coffee aromas and the soothing hum of conversations provided a warm welcome. I looked around the sea of rustic wooden tables and mismatched chairs, to choose a place for me.

Choosing a corner table by the window, I sank into the plush armchair, the worn pages of my favorite novel awaiting my attention. The soft glow of the pendant lights overhead created an inviting ambiance, casting a gentle warmth on the surroundings.

I ordered a velvety cappuccino! As I waited, I gazed out of the window, watching New Yorkers pass by in a kaleidoscope of colors and movement. The rhythmic whirr of the espresso machine and the clinking of coffee cups provided a comforting backdrop to my thoughts.

It had been a week full of work, meet-ups, and helping an old friend to move and fix his new plane. Phew! It had been busy and tedious. I needed this time to feel one with myself.

The first sip of the cappuccino danced on my taste buds, a perfect harmony of bitterness and creaminess. With each page turned, I delved deeper into the world of my book. The characters became my companions. I had put my phone on silent mode informing Aaliyah that I would be late. “Okay, enjoy your own time. Much love!” She had replied.

The world outside ceased to exist as I savored the precious moments of solitude. The cafe felt like my personal retreat. I always enjoy my own time this way as it allows me to stay connected to the real joys of life. Taking a pause to stop by and not give in to the daily humdrum of life. Getting detached from every outcome and preventing any worries from intruding on the bliss.

Taking a break and spending time with ourselves is one of the best ways to stay happy and grounded. ‘Me time’ is nothing less than a therapy! It’s like tightly hugging ourselves! With a sense of rejuvenation and gratitude, I closed the book. Leaving the fictional world behind, I paid at the counter and left. As I stepped back into the outside world, I carried with me the tranquility and joy. I came back to my elements and was ready to start the next week with fresh new enthusiasm and spirit!

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