Are You Online For Me?

Spring at its best. Loving the aroma of May Flowers suspended in the air. I feel so amazingly romantic during this part of the year. Some magic in the weather induces the oxytocin and dopamine in my system.

He lives in California and me in the Big Apple. We hardly meet. Our timings are chaotic and it is so difficult to stay connected throughout the day.

Most of the times I understand or pretend to but there are days when the craving reaches its peak and I can’t keep myself from messaging him sarcastically whenever I see him online, “Are you online for me?”

In those moments, he drops all his work and calls me, I hear the chuckling and joyful voice in which he probes, “So, baby what’s wrong? Tell me! Yes my darling I was online for you.” Just listening to his deep and loving voice, I almost forget all my concerns and the edge in my tone vanishes and some coy girl takes the place of me and I blush like a teen.

Love is the most beautiful feeling in the garden of emotions. It is independent of physical closeness, time and space. It is just there changing you at the core, softening you and making you more profound, empathetic, forgiving and humble.

After the celebrations of Mother’s Day, it is time for some romance friends. Get online and make your long, distant friend or lover feel special as it is Online Romance Week.

Distance is only a test to see how far your love can travel, how strong it is to survive the distractions and distortions of miles and time between the lovers. So, stop feeling the ache when your special someone is far. Start rejoicing his/ her presence in your life no matter where he/ she is. Be grateful not just wishful.

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