Experience The Serenity On This Earth Day

I believe in God, only I spell it Nature. —Frank Lloyd Wright. The serene beauty of nature casts a spell and leaves us with inner joy. Last Tuesday morning I was taking a walk with Kong in Mrs. Bradley’s garden. I love the fresh breeze that each new morning brings with it. Aaliyah came with a glass of juice as soon as I was done.

I was looking at the colorful flowers that bloomed beautifully. The magic of spring is all around us right now!

“What happened, Bob? What’s going on in your mind?” Asked Aaliyah.

“Nature is one of the best teachers. Earth Day is here! I remember how my mom used to take me to the nearest park to teach me some of the best lessons of life,” I replied.

“What kind of lessons?” She asked.

“Once I had scored high grades back to back in all subjects. That made me proud. I started neglecting my core friends group and started hanging out with a new gang who scored well. My mom noticed this. She took me for a walk one day and explained to me the importance of humility,” I replied.

“Bob, you should never forget your roots as it’s where you belong. Can you see the Giant sequoia there? It’s big and mighty, yet it’s rooted to the ground! Its strength lies in staying grounded. Never let pride come in your way!” She had said.

“That’s such a nice way to explain!” Expressed Aaliyah.

“Yes! Our accolades give us recognition but have nothing to do with the kind of person we become. How we treat others is what leaves a mark! Humility also becomes a doorway to divine blessings! That day I learned my lesson and got back with my old gang!” I replied.

“It’s such a sweet yet powerful story!” Expressed Aaliyah. I smiled. Then we both enjoyed our glasses of fresh juice.

Nature is a powerhouse of wisdom. It connects us to our authentic selves. We start living in the moment to absorb the beauty of life. We feel grateful and humble for everything that’s around us. The best thing is, in nature’s tranquility, we can hear the voice of the almighty!

This Earth Day spend some time in nature and experience the serenity!

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