Fixing It To Make It Even Better!

Last morning when I was looking at the beautiful February flowers and giving belly rub to Kong, the doorbell rang. It was Alan. Standing with a bag, looking a little upset! “Hey, what’s the matter?” I asked. He sat on the couch and took out a broken showpiece from the bag.

“My mother will be here in few days. I had bought this for her knowing she loves antiques. Today while wrapping this beauty, it slipped from my hands and broke. Now, there is no way I can get a rare thing like this. I don’t know what to do!” He expressed. Meanwhile, I took a close look at it.

“You know what, we can still fix it and even make it better!” I said. “Are you serious? No way!” Alan expressed.

Then I narrated him a story about me and Liz where a similar incident had happened.

One sunny Saturday morning, our parents had tasked us to sort through the forgotten treasures which were stored in dusty boxes. And, so we were at it! Among the old books, forgotten toys, and discarded trinkets, we stumbled upon an antique music box that once belonged to our grandmother.

The music box was a beautiful heirloom with intricate carvings and a delicate melody that seemed to transport anyone who listened to a world of nostalgia. However, as Liz wound up the key to play a sudden snap filled the air and the music stopped abruptly.

“Oh no,I broke it!” Liz exclaimed, with worried eyes.

“It’s okay, Liz. We can fix it together. We’re a team, right?” I suggested. She nodded.

Determined, we gathered courage and decided to repair the cherished music box. We grabbed a toolbox from the basement and sat down on the floor. As we examined the intricate gears and delicate components, I suggested, “Let’s not just fix it, let’s make it better! Grandma’s music box deserves to play an even more magical tune.”

Both of us used logic and creativity and suggested improvements to enhance its beauty. We spent the entire day experimenting with different materials and techniques. By evening the music box was ready to play once again. We wound up the key, and a beautiful, harmonious melody filled the room.

Our eyes met, and we shared a triumphant smile. The once-broken heirloom was now a masterpiece, not only restored but enhanced by the unique touches. In that moment, we realized that sometimes, in the process of fixing things, we could create something even more beautiful than before.

“So now, let us see how we can mend it together as a team and surprise your mom with this beauty once she is here! Let’s turn this mishap into a masterpiece through love, teamwork, and a touch of magic!” I suggested and then the rest of the day we fixed it and made it beautiful than before!

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