4 thoughts on “Full Moon and Flowers!

  1. Hi, Editor Bob – I absolutely LOVE this newsletter, as I do all your newsletters. You do have a wonderful way with words and express yourself very well. I love reading all about your activities and find them all quite amusing and interesting! Keep up the great work!

    Marlene Gibbs

  2. B., “Ooooooo, a- ooooooo,” Like the wolf that howled in the night, I am inspired to howl at the full moon tonight, Sept. 19th. I am living each day and trying to live it to it’s fullest, with appreciation and hope. Not so easy every day, but I remind myself I have got it good. Thanks for your inspirational newsletter…

  3. Hello Bob, I’m one of your fans. You are soooo inspiring! Love the newsletter and wait for it every week!

    Thank you!


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