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Spring is in a farewell mode and bright Summer beckons ! Seasons may change, but hey, your trusty ol’ Bob remains the same ! Here comes your weekly dose of hip n’ happening events and days… read through and enjoy !

Bird Day [ Apr 26 ]
  Bird Day [ Apr 26 ]

I’ve always admired the excellent relation Kelly shares with the birds in her neighborhood. She’s always planting flowers, but the birds never dig up her seeds. She doesn’t need scarecrows, she does it with love ! You should see her garden – it’s a cornucopia of birdhouses ! And what an assortment ! Some look like palaces, some are like huts… some of them are hanging, and a few are fixed on poles. Not to forget the birdbaths ! In Kelly’s garden, it’s always party time for the birds ! You know what, Kelly’s on a buying spree ‘n she’s getting all sorts of expensive and imported nuts for treating her feathered friends this Bird Day ! I always told you Kelly’s a bit nutty, didn’t I ? Anyway, I’m inspired. This time on Bird Day I’m going to urge all my friends to dream big ‘n fly high; and also to enjoy themselves ‘n go nuts occasionally while they’re soaring to new heights !


Kiss Day [ Apr 28 ]

With searching eyes and a thumping heart I met her quivering lips with mine, let the lips duel… and when I closed my eyes I could hear the souls talk ! Well, this is how I remember the first kiss with Aaliyah. Pleasant one, yes… but I was a nervous wreck a few moments before. As they say, all’s well that ends well. Guess what, it did ! Such a nice feeling… and am gonna send her a card reminding her of our first kiss on Kiss Day, and of course, will personalize the card to achieve another one… wink* wink*

Kiss Day [ Apr 28 ]


Oatmeal Cookie Day [ Apr 30 ]
  Oatmeal Cookie Day [ Apr 30 ]

You know my ‘mom at work’ Donna’s always claiming that she remains fit even though she never goes easy on food ? True, we always wondered what her secret was. It’s puzzled Kate (who’s oh-so-figure-conscious and literally lives on air for a diet) and flummoxed Ron (who lives to eat, and how it shows) all along ! So this time we cornered Donna and demanded that she better let us in on her secret, or else… Well, our dear lady capitulated ‘n we trooped over to her place to discover what amazing concoction she cooks that keeps her in prime condition, no matter how much she gorges ! (Hey, I even considered patenting this ground-breaking formula !) But guess what we found ? Donna totally goes gaga over oatmeal cookies, beat that ! And she bakes them in so many sinfully delicious varieties, liberally sprinkling them with raisins, chocolate chips, dates and nuts ! So she munches when she pleases, and it’s healthy to boot ! Well, no wonder her pampered pet puss Mr. Ruffles always looks so contented ! Anyway, Donna’s promised to give us all a mammoth treat this Oatmeal Cookie Day and I can’t wait to crunch my way through to cookie heaven ! You too, guys… treat yourselves to loads of cookies on Oatmeal Cookie Day and don’t forget to drop a line to all your cookie-loving friends ‘n wish ‘em all ‘Merry Munching !’


Graduation [ May – Jun ]

The dorm and the prom, dance and the fun, good ol’ days… time to bid farewell to all, but for memories and the grade-revealing graduation papers. Yeah, I know, the more I checked the question paper the more enlightened I became, “How much ever you prepare… at the end of the day you get questions from that one particular chapter which you left out as a gamble !” Sigh ! Hey, but again… the cobwebs do clear as déjà vu beckons, letting loose the contents of the mind to sprawl all through the pages… Voila ! Relief ! As a sly smile forms from the memories, the anticipation for Graduation time strengthens… It’s time to wish one and all who wait to reap their rewards for academic excellence. Go wish !

Graduation [ May - Jun ]


May Day [ May 1 ]
  May Day [ May 1 ]

Spring is in the air,
The flowers are in bloom…
‘N chirpy birds in flight,
Clearing all the gloom !

Hey, May Day is so near…
A carnival of Spring !
But Summer’s not too far,
Guess what wonders it’ll bring ?

So have a gala time;
Wish your friends ‘the best !’
Send the cards and cheers,
‘N leave to us the rest !


Get Happy Week [ May 1 – 7 ]

Do I have a choice but to remain happy ? I mean, what with Kiss Day and Graduation time preceding and succeeding (not necessarily in that order) Get Happy Week ! As Megan says, “Last time I checked, no one in the world got any problem solved by staying gloomy… just chill, pep up weirdo !” Well, she says that to Steve alright ! There’s a particular exercise recommended for all human beings… of course, it is scheduled 24×7 ! Simple… just part your lips, make the teeth obviously visible, say “Cheese !” Stay smiling and get happy ! To remind you again, here comes Get Happy Week ! Share your joy with one and all.

Get Happy Week [ May 1 - 7 ]


Brothers And Sisters Day [ May 2 ]
  Brothers And Sisters Day [ May 2 ]

Try this one… Becky drops the salad box on her nimble feet and yells, “Ohmigod !” and my dad retorts with a nasal-tinged hoarse “Bobbbbbbbbbb !” Well, yours truly was in the shower when this incident occurred. Of course, it doesn’t matter to my folks… if there is something wrong with Becky, even if it’s high fever or a dog bite, the culprit is Me ! Huh ! But miss those days, don’t mind to be wrongly implicated again… Aha ! Getting nostalgic… ask me why ? Brothers And Sisters Day is round the corner and memories are flooding buddies ! Let me pack my gift bags with goodies for my sis and top it with cool e-cards for the occasion.


Let roll the fun n’ frolic from campus to parks and wish your friends as they come along…

High Fives to one ‘n all,


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