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Dear 123Greetings subscriber,

Hey buddies, how have you been…? Okay, here I go….when someone throws a stone at you react as you will, but when someone throws love at you, hold on, sit down and think… you know why?! love hurts more than stone. I am throwing love at you for a while now… ever sat down to think about it….ha! that's your Moment of Zen this week…now hop on…

Friends' Day [ Sep 22 ]
  Friends' Day [ Sep 22 ]

Kate loves Jane; I mean she just adores her talk show and wouldn't miss an episode. Jane in her talk shows was critical of both obesity and anorexia. You don't need to starve to look thin; wafer-think is not exactly the synonym of beauty and neither you need to look fat to be healthy. Kate, looks like, well, something that's gonna just go invisible anytime. She is too thinnnnn…. And we were worried. Kate wouldn't listen to us. She knows she has to, but she couldn't push herself to do it. On Friend's Day, we all pooled in our big and small bills and somehow squeezed seats to be on Jane's Show. Of course, it was all a surprise to Kate. We took her to the green room once the show was over and Meggy immediately spilled the beans. Jane sat her down and gave her a half-an-hour lecture on do's and don'ts.

I could almost see a halo around Kate's head. She was awed by Jane's presence and was “enlightened” by the pep talk. We didn't know if she understood what Jane said until when Kate bought a King Burger for herself.

For once, she was happy doing that!


Chocolate Day [ Sep 23 ]

Mall-hopping with Megan is a pleasant chore. Of course, she looks a kind on Christmas facing the big Santa with all the gifts. She goes twinkle-eyed gazing at the cookies and chocolates spread around in all different shops. She would give me that “ohmigod-I-want-it look” and my wallet gets lighter. Still, it's Megan, and it's fun. The young moms' who stroll through and take the escalators with their children in tow, are always disturbed. Of course, by their kids. When they are checking out a gorgeous outfit, the kid reminds her that she/he has to poop and when they take their eyes of their wares and collect a Diet Coke the kid is already racing towards the nearest clearance to fall upside down. And they have to drop whatever they were carrying and yell and run towards the kid. Funny sight alright, but yeah, I pity them. Megan too felt bad and offered to a kid-embattled lady, babysitting, till she finishes shopping. The lady was relieved and gave Megan a handful of cookies to feed the baby when she starts crying.
Sure enough, the lady was back within half an hour only to find the baby crying and Megan trying her voice at a lullaby without knowing that's what's making the baby to go crying nonstop. Of course, the chocolate wrappers were strewn to the floor and the shards of chocolate smeared on Megan's face.

The baby with her little hands was finger-pointing to the culprit. Hmm…well, I had to pay a fresh pack of cookies for the kid. Grrrrrrrr……..Meggy the brat…..

Chocolate Day [ Sep 23 ]

Good Neighbor Day [ Sep 23 ]
  Good Neighbor Day [ Sep 23 ]

Mrs. Bradley loves to cook and serve. We are regulars at her place. She cooks all these delicacies for us and we park ourselves there for the whole afternoon chatting up while she takes a siesta. She complains that whenever she tries to take a nap, there is this nagging salesperson who calls up and makes her life hell. She has told him in different languages she is in no mood buy anything, but he just wont quit. Steve gave a mischievous smile when the phone rang as we were speaking.

I know he has thought this one through…scheming Steve is on a roll. He is gonna put the misery away from our Good Neighbor Mrs. Bradley.

Ring. Ring.

Steve, “Hello”

Sales Executive, “Yeah, can I speak with Mrs. Bradley?”

Steve, “Who is this?”

Sales Executive, “This is Fred, you've just won a Gold Card that would allow you to…”

Steve, “Lemme ask you something Fred, did you know Ms. Bradley?”

Sales Executive, “No, I'm just a Sales Executive and I called ….”

Steve, “Can you hold on for a sec?”

Turning to us, “okay, guys, dust the whole place, I don't want to lose fingerprints here, you get it? Okay, is LAPD on the line…ask them to hold on; I guess, I just got a suspect here. Yes, on the line, yeah, he sounds just like a murderer…yeah, all jittery…kinda suspect, you know what I mean,…hmm…hold on.

Back on the phone, “Yes, so Fred, so what time of the day where you here?”

Sales Executive, “Ohmigod, what's this all about…I don't even know this person…it's jus'…..”

Steve, “Okay kiddo, I got your number tracked, you shouldn't have been on the phone for this long…don't you dare get away, I'm sending the SWAT….”



Kiss Day [ Sep 24 ]

This one happened when I and Aaliyah were just going out and yet to, you know, get real close. We were in holding hands and were just graduating to the slow dance mode. We were at Steve's and had a good time catching up on the latest DVDs. Later, Steve introduced us to his repertoire of video games and we were hooked. Well, we were going about all this with a drink in hand and as the night turned young, we were smiling for no reason and experiencing blurred vision. To put it simple, we were drunk!

It was Kate who thought of it, she pulled the beat-down table to the middle of the room and placed an empty beer bottle in the middle. The rules were simple she said, we got to spin the bottle as we seat ourselves around the table. When the bottle comes to rest after a revolving stumble and points to the person who is at it's front, has to take the orders from the person who swirled the bottle around. Sounds like fun, we thought and we were in. First, I took the honors, hmm…and of all the people, amidst the squeals and giggles, the bottle ended up pointing Kong. Well, I asked him to do a somersault, he did one and to make it more colorful he ended up on the pile of bottles at the corner, shattering them all over the place. Trust Kong to mess it. Meggy's turn, and this time Steve was the one. Meggy asked him to sing….and you know what number Steve belted out, “Hotel California,” the Eagles one….hey! you know, he sings real okay…or was it the beer?!Aaliyah, was the next, spun the bottle and sure enough, it rested towards me. Everyone was looking at her in anticipation of what she's gonna ask of me while she just stood up, held my hand, and announced, “Well, guys, I will ask him in person.” And she lead me to the next room, “Bob, Kiss me”

Fifteen minutes later we were back to find out the bottle still swirling around the table and our gang scattered on the floor all around it. Sigh!

Kiss Day [ Sep 24 ]

We looked at each other, nobody to keep an eye on us, we went for another one! wink* wink*

Had fun eh?! Tell you what, missing you can turn from pain to pleasure, if I knew you too were missing me.

Miss me. Will catch ya next week.


Editor, 123Greetings

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