Happy Mothers Day from Editor Bob

Hi there,

Hi there, How are you doing? How’s the weather where you’re at? I’m just about ready to go to a BBQ and play Frisbee in the park! But before I do all that, I’m going to be surprising my mom, and I have a special surprise for you guys. I also have some news about Rick–go ahead and read on!

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It’s been a couple of weeks now that I’ve met some of you on Facebook and MySpace. I don’t know about you but it’s been a really interesting experience for me. I’ve never had so many people asking for friend requests at the same time! I was really really thrilled, at the same time I felt bad when I couldn’t get back to your requests and emails as soon as I wanted to. I mean, a lot of you commented on my profiles, sent me quotes, and loads of really cool reviews. One of my favorite quotes that I got on Facebook from an internet friend is, “Bob, wish you everyday is Sunshine Day”–I wish everyday is “sunshine day” to all of my readers out there, too.

I’m really excited to see people all around the world connecting through little old me. For those of you who don’t know, the 123Greetings Newsletter goes out to over 40 million subscribers worldwide. That’s why after all this time it was really great meeting some of you. I wanted to let you all know that I’m also on Bebo, Friendster, Hi5, and someone invited me to Zorpia, so I’m on there too! It really thrills me and the team at 123Greetings to hear that you’ve really liked and enjoyed what we’re doing. There are a lot of cool things that are coming up, especially new launches… well, I’m getting ahead of myself here, read on…

Mother’s Day [May 11]

Well, I’m going on a road trip across America just to surprise my mom on Mother’s Day. Don’t worry, Steve is hooking me up with fancy equipment so I can stay online and be in touch. The newsletter will still arrive in your inbox–and here’s a real treat for you all–I’ll be updating you guys daily during my trip on my new blog! Click here for a sneak preview.

I’m really looking forward to this trip. I’ve called my dad in advance, he’s deleting all emails so Mom doesn’t know that I’m coming. I told Megan that I was going home, so she’s coming with me. She wanted to see her family too. I think it’ll be really good for her, maybe it’ll boost her morale or even help her decide what she’s going to do. I saw Rick the other day and asked him if he wanted to come along. “Bob, you know I’m your man when it comes to road trips, short or long. I mean, you gotta have a pilot if you want to fly a plane, right? But there’s going to be one condition–I’ll be bringing Kaitlin with me.”

“WHAAA–!!” I was about to yell and almost strangle him like Homer does to Bart Simpson. “I know, I know,” Rick cuts me off, “Kaitlin’s a bit crazy and all… an’ she’s got tongue enough for ten rows of teeth [Texan translation: She talks a lot.] But hey, I like her! An’ I promised her after that Philly incident that I’ll take her with me the next time I go on a road trip.” I couldn’t say anything. I let out a BIG SIGH. I mean, this is a pretty long trip and I want to reach my mom on time for Mother’s Day. As trouble as Rick is, he’s the man you need by your side if you’re going on a long serious road trip. I guess we just have to tolerate Kaitlin, I mean, how much trouble can she cause in a few days?

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  International Online Romance Week [May 11 – 17]

I don’t know about you but I think Rick is getting serious with Kaitlin. I mean, they’re both crazy in their own way but maybe that’s the common thread that binds them. I don’t even know how long they’ve been dating! Maybe it started off on St. Paddy’s Day in that bar. Romance, love, and attraction do crazy things to people I tell ya!

Talk about romance, Laura, Tim, Kong and I have been hanging out a lot together too. It’s usually really nice out so I take long walks, to go see Laura, or we walk Kong in the park. The weather’s perfect for BBQs too! I guess we’ll just have to transport our ‘dating scene’ online since I’ll be on the road for a couple of days… which makes me think: what is it going to be like riding around with the Rick and Kaitlin combo…

Toxic Romance

Our man Rick is not a “steady relationship” kinda guy. He dated a couple of women here and there, but he keeps hopping around and wandering off. Usually it’s the women who flock to him because of his simple Texan ways. Read more about that on the blog. The man has the looks and that “reserved, quiet, mysterious cowboy thang” going for him. But he never really gets serious with anyone. After a while, the women get bored and leave him, either that or they’re just friends like Megan and Kate. I don’t blame them, even I have my limits with Rick. I mean, he’s a great buddy but I’m glad he lives on the other side of the state line.

After the whole skinny dipping incident I decided that Rick and I had to have a little mano a mano–I asked him, “What’s up with you and Kaitlin? I mean, it’s not like I didn’t warn you about her.” Rick was quiet, I’d like to think that he was thinking seriously about what I had asked but you never know with this guy. “Well, Bob, you know I haven’t really dated anyone for what, a year?” And it’s true, he’s been really burnt and stayed away from relationships. Maybe he’s finally ready to move on. “But this Kaitlin, she has something going that I can’t put my finger on… maybe it’s because she’s as crazy as me, but I’m thinking, maybe it’s about time I got serious,” said Rick. At that point I couldn’t help smiling and I started to chuckle, “Rick man, the word ‘serious’ and you DO NOT go together.” Rick smiled, he got my humor, and said, “I know, I know, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a chance at this romance thang, right? I mean, how hard can it be if there’s a heck load of people out there who stay together for ages?” Maybe he’s finally coming to his senses, maybe Rick’s just growing up. The world must be upside down.

Anyway, I have to run and get ready for my big trip. Before I go I’d like to leave you guys with this Zen quote by Pearl S. Buck, “Some mothers are kissing mothers and some are scolding mothers, but it is love just the same, and most mothers kiss and scold together.” Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there.

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