Happy Thanksgiving To You!

My Dear Brothers, Sisters and Friends,

Day to Thank the ones who made your life easier to live is here. And I am here to do jus’ that. You are the ones who are making my world a worthwhile place to live in with your love. Thank you guys. Be by my side as I walk you through the week that lies ahead of us.

Send Thanksgiving Greetings!
Send Thanksgiving Greetings!
Thanksgiving [Nov 24]

I have too many things to be thankful for today. My love, Aaliyah. What would I be without her?

My friends Megan, Steve, Kate and Kong. Love them to death.

My parents of course without them I don’t exist.

My colleagues at work who bear with me and my silly misadventures. And of course, you guys.

There are two things that one has to say at the right moment and they are ‘thank you’ and ‘sorry.’ When said at the right time and place, it would make the person who said it and the individual who heard it, a happy one.

Now is the time and today is the day… Thank you, guys for all your love and support. Happy Thanksgiving, my dear people!

Cake Day [Nov 26]

Kong loves cakes. He raids the refrigerator and even my niece Rachel’s stockpile for a sniff of the cake. He likes cakes
more than bones, can you beat that?

I taught him most of the tricks when I gave him cake as bait. There is no other way I could make him do it.

He is a clean eater too. Yes, you heard that right. He cleans the delicacy right off his bowl and of course, he doesn’t spill. That’s the interesting part. He has trained himself with such table manners that he can put adults to shame.

Send Cake Day Greetings!
Send Cake Day Greetings!
Send Business Greetings!
Send Business Greetings!
At Work

Rihanna sleeps. And snores when she sleeps. How do I know that? That’s because I have seen her sleep jus’ next to me. Well, don’t get me wrong here. She is my colleague at work and her cubicle is jus’ next to mine. She is a party animal and sometimes parties even on a weekday and snores to glory at work.

We find that cute and tease her like crazy, but go easy on her. Two reasons for that… One, she is super hot and two, she is good at her work. No complaints there.

What would an office be if not for characters like her? It’s all fun and games if the work gets done on time.

That’s why I say, it’s fun to work where I work!


I got a mail from a little kid. She had written, “Thank you Bob for all your little stories. I love them a lot. They make me happy.”

This is what I live for. Such beautiful words from a little angel. So, very cute!

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Send Cute Cards!

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Take care.

4 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving To You!

  1. B., So you & Aaliyah’s anniversary is near. Well celebrate it, brother, like there was no tomorrow as it sounds like she is your soul mate who loves you with all her heart. How lucky you are you found each other.
    Hey, dance, even if you can’t- like me- who can’t keep a rythum to save her life. But I love to dance! As you said one time in your newsletter- it’s important to have heart and desire to do it. So, Happy Mardi Gras and enjoy it with a fresh piece of banana bread-mmmmmmm with prayers and all. xo, L.

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