Have Good Things Gone For Good?


“Love is going to save us from the world that’s gone mad…” My mom would sing it to me while I tried to imagine and weave a tale in my head of superheroes and bad guys and before I could reach the end of the story, it would all fade out. Next morning, I would wake up thinking what happened to my heroes, did they kill the demons? Did good win over the evil like in fairy tales?

I often made a resolve to finish my dream but every night, just before I could reach the end, I would doze off with my mom’s words, “love is gonna save us,” echoing in my mind.

Now, that I’ve fallen in and out of love several times, probably the after effect of growing up, I’ve started to question the reality of this perplexing word, “love.” What kind of love saves us from the demons of time and life when sometimes love is the only thing we need saving from?

Before I get the end of any story, it fades out and I can’t find my way.

Some days you just feel like giving up, shut your eyes tight and wait for sleep to claim you and erase the memories which fall upon you like embers and ashes. You want to get rid of the burning stench of it and it becomes impossible to breathe but it doesn’t happen, guess childhood was simple, now with eyes open wide, I wait to get lost and wish that everything gets blurred but it wouldn’t.

The other day I met mumma, she’s frail and her voice quivers, yet I lay my head on her lap and asked her to sing for me, the familiar hum of the song, “love will save us from the world going mad,” fills my ears and heart. I couldn’t help but ask her, “Mom! After all the broken relations you’ve had, the fragmented memories which haunt you, the wrinkled skin and drained energy which makes you lean on others for support and the deepening loneliness which surrounds you, which love are you talking about? Why your eyes lit up when you sing this song?”

She beamed, I haven’t seen such a confident and proud smile on her face before, she lifted her hands and pointed at her altar with her index finger shaking with excitement, a small pink candle glowed in the dark and she said, “Faith my child! Upon the divine love which is complete. Human love is imperfect, it is an effort to be Godlike but isn’t because it is ego-based. It wants more than it is willing to give. When you’re able to feel this mystical presence and warmth in your life, you will drop all meaningless yearning. You’ll be ready to give yourself in love.”

I realized it is not about bad guys and heroes, neither about wrong or right; it is about creating a space in your heart with love and faith.

Has all the good gone? Yes and no! It all depends upon what we believe in. The story we tell ourselves over and over again becomes our truth.

In the end just like my dreams I let all the unfinished stories of separation fade out into oblivion and allowed the magical dust of love be left upon my soul.

  • Have faith.
  • Believe in love which is boundless and pure. True love will give birth to hope in your heart not fear.
  • Don’t lose your mind for all the unfair ways life deals with you.
  • Let your incomplete stories fade out in the mystical presence of love that protects you.
  • Know that all good and bad depends on the story you tell yourself every day.
  • Keep singing to yourself, “love is gonna save us.”

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