Hug It Out: Find Your Peace In Ten Seconds!

Need a reason to get too close to someone?

They say extended embrace between two people raises your endorphins, spreading instant happiness. Hug Week starts on July 21 so extend the wealth by offering up smiles and hugs to new and old friends alike. Hugs induce happy feelings and happy people are healthy people.

We all need a little show of gratitude sometimes. I know when I’m feeling blue; Kong’s furry face instantly cheers me up.

The love keeps flowing this month, show your appreciation for someone who needs a little extra pick me up. We don’t need a special week to tell someone we’re thinking of them. Send an ecard to share positive thoughts, brighten someone’s day, or express delight. Perhaps your partner is having a hard day at work? Send a kiss to remind them you acknowledge all they do.

Is there someone you know who could use a smile? A cute card can bring joy on any occasion; a happy day may have just got happier. Sheer merriment is always welcomed; contribute your part with an ear to ear smile.

If you choose to brave the heat wave or bunker down, rejoice by sending a hug or even just a cute card.

Always remember, smiles are contagious so keep spreading the love!

Hug Week
July 21- July 27, 2014

Send Hug Week Ecards!
Send Hug Week Ecards!

Cute Cards

Send Cute Ecard!
Send Cute Ecard!


Send Love Ecard!
Send Love Ecard!
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One thought on “Hug It Out: Find Your Peace In Ten Seconds!

  1. B., I am smiling. Thank you for this newsletter. In appreciation, I am sending you a great big smooch. X! L.

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