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The Halloween souls have not got back into their graves yet! We had a spooky good time. And we have planned to honor a patriot this season. Also read about a bickering couple who have made peace. Well, for the time being! Join in…

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Send Hug A Bear Greetings!
Hugging A Bear [Nov 7]

Trust Frank to know what kids love! He was looking around for some time to buy something that Andrew would love to have. He thinks the world for his grandson. I was on my way to work when I spotted Frank checking out some stores to buy something suitable. He was minutely observing everything his eyes fell on. It was as if he was loving everything on display but didn’t want to take all of those home. His eyes twinkled as he looked for something that will be better and lovelier than all of the gifts on display. And then his eyes froze. Tucked in a corner lay a brown teddy bear, with white ears and a red snout.

He picked it up cheerfully. He had made his choice. He asked what I thought. I replied, “It’s great! Hope Andrew likes it!” He nodded enthusiastically, “Oh I’m sure he will!” He walked off with a spring in his feet, objective attained. After a couple of days I heard from Eleanor. I asked her about the bear. Eleanor replied jovially, “Andrew loved it!” and then added quickly, “Do you know what he told Frank?” I opened my mouth to reply, when Eleanor boomed back, “He told Frank I like you more because you hug back! You should have seen Frank then!” I didn’t need to. I can feel how happy he must have been. It’s moments like these which make life livable, won’t you agree?

Forget Me Not [Nov 10]

Many feel that teenage romance does not actually grow up. It can be true, it can be an urban myth. Whatever it is, teenage couples in love do make an effort to keep their romance alive and kicking as they grow up. At least, that’s what Rachael and Charlie are planning to do. I inadvertently asked Rachael if they are planning to continue dating after school. Her reply was not something that is expected. Well, at least I expected her to say the unexpected! Rachael categorically stated that she was too young to think on those lines now. “It’s all too soon, you know,” Rachael told me with a wise nod of the head.

Of course, it was, I nodded to myself, though not wisely. I have heard even grown up couples going “I can never forget” at the drop of a rose. And here was this teenager, head over heels in love, and yet, rooted enough to remember that some aspects of a relationship are beyond our control. It’s only through time and a sense of commitment can they be taken to their fruitful end. I was also glad that Rachael was aware that she was too young to decide something in haste. Rachael cut through my thoughts, “But yes, I can never forget him!” I gaped at her in surprise as Rachael smiled back. Rachael’s a woman in love at the end of it all! How could that be different?

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Get Well Soon Sweetheart

This came a surprise to us all, though a really pleasant one. It also made us feel that emotions are sometimes so subtle, so gentle. We all know Rick and Kaitlin to be this couple who are constantly at each others throats. They bicker, they complain. Rick is irritated by Kaitlin’s over bearing attitude. Kaitlin, on the other hand, feels driven up the wall with Rick’s indifference. All these conflicting emotions were put to rest temporarily when Kaitlin had a bad attack of migraine. Rick gave it all up and became this caring, doting boyfriend who was willing to give up on his favorite games and loud music. He made sure things are as easy for her as he could make it.

Rick got some scented candles for her. He stayed up late into the night, being with her through her pain. We were all so surprised that Rick actually did all that. But it is all true. It was not a bragging Rick who told us all this over a beer. It was an emotional Kaitlin who told Megan. Kaitlin told her, “You know Meg, my folks and friends used to ask me why I’m with this guy, fighting my guts out every single day. I knew that if anyone can love me, it’s him. I know he has these stupid habits, but that’s what makes him Rick. That’s what makes him my Rick.” Well yeah, it was kind of mushy to hear this from Kaitlin, but we all go through these emotions when the heart rules the head and the tongue.

Spooky Fun

I promised you in my last newsletter that I will give you all the Halloween fun, unplugged. Here goes. First things first, as expected on a Halloween night, we were all dressed like freaks. The girls were even more so. Donna and Irina had done a great job of the decorations. I was the last to arrive. The Dracula look with a tangy twist suited me well, or so they said. My cape was a little difficult to manage. I remember that I had toppled three glasses within ten minutes of my entry into the party. I lost count then on.

Donna had decorated green pumpkins and ghosties really well. All stressed out souls were there at the party. My friends were getting together after a really long time. In a way I’d say it was not really crazy fun that we were having. It was more of catching up and getting to know the updates and the latest gossip. Irina was perched on the table top in her costume which bore no likeness to anything I have seen! Irina was the gossip queen and talked through the night, sometimes to cheers, sometimes to bored yawns!

Here’s another anonymous Zen quote that I liked immensely: “Friends are God’s ways of apologizing for our families.” Okay, not for everyone!

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Send Friendship Greetings!

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