I Have Learnt To Look At The Bright Side

Jack-o’-lantern, spooky costumes, vampire teeth fangs, spider props, finally it’s Halloween and we can’t keep calm. This time Adrian, my friend is excited more than ever. And why shouldn’t he be? May, his wife will be coming after two years in the city. So like every time he doesn’t have to video call her during the celebrations. They are spending an occasion together in Big Apple after a long time. He is making sure to make the best of arrangements for her.

It was good to see Adrian all so happy and excited. Ever since his parents got divorced last year, he was not in a good state. He lost faith in the institution of marriage. To top it all, the long-distance marriage that he is dealing with was also affecting him. He was in a vulnerable state. Months of counseling, spending time together with us got him back to his current happy state.

“Braised short ribs, Barbeque Tempeh, Pretzel with cheese, Tofu, I will be cooking this time,” said Adrian. As soon as we heard this, all of us stopped right there at what we were doing.

“What? What did I just hear?” asked Aaliyah with a tease. “Yes, I want to make it more special this time for May and you guys,” he replied. “Hey Adrian, what happened? Why suddenly?” I asked. “Yes, Bob. Everything is okay. Thanks to you,” he answered. “What have I done? Don’t tell me I asked you to cook because I clearly haven’t?” I asked.

Adrian chuckled, “No Bob, you made me realize how fortunate I am,” he said. “How?” I asked. “Your exact words still reverberate in my mind. Last year I had sent you a text saying how low I was feeling owing to my situation. This was your reply:

“Adrian, life is filled with highs and lows. You will never be able to appreciate the sunny days unless you have spent days in the rain and craved for the sunlight. While you have many things going out of hand, you have many things to be thankful for. You have your parents who are separated, but, they are always there for you to shower you with their unconditional love. You have May, a loving and caring wife. You have great friends standing like pillars and are nothing less than a family. Not many people have what you have. Learn to look at the brighter side and be thankful, my friend.”

“It is only for you that I have learned to look at the bright side, Bob,” he finished saying this with a smile. There was silence for a while. I went and hugged him and said, “I am always there, my friend. I am the happiest to have made you happy.” “We are so happy to see you bounce back,” said Kate.

All of us had a group hug together. “Okay so, Raspberry Chocolate Cake, Blueberry cheesecake, we will help you with the desserts then, Adrian,” expressed Megan. “What a dedicated team we have for the Halloween night!” expressed Aaliyah. “Yes we do,” I expressed and we got back with our decorations.

Start counting your blessings and realize how fortunate you are. Happy Halloween everyone!

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