It Is Okay If It Was An Honest Mistake!

The spirit of Halloween is in the air. All of us were at Mrs. Bradley’s place enjoying the spooky decor, great food, and special cocktails. We were also taking care of the last-minute arrangements as this time we have too many people coming over. Making sure that things are fine!

Kate suggested that it was a good time to share some of the haunted experiences we had. All of us took turns sharing. Just when I was about to share mine, my phone rang. It was Emily. I excused myself and took the call.

“Hey, Emi! How have you been? Happy Halloween!” I said.

Happy Halloweeto you too! And, honestly, I am in a dilemma. I wanted to speak to you,” She replied.

“What happened? Tell me!” I said.

“I mistakenly passed on a piece of information to one of my friends named Emma about the other friend Chloe. Like, I didn’t do it on purpose. I found out that it had to be kept as a secret and that she didn’t want to tell her. Now if Chloe finds out, she will be upset! Should I lie and deny or should I tell the truth?” She asked.

“I feel you should tell her the truth that it was just a mistake. Confessing about an honest mistake is better than a calculated lie. She will understand. But, if you lie and later she finds out it may not go down well with her,” I said.

“Yes, I agree! She will be more hurt if she finds out later. Besides, it will be breaking her trust,” She said.

“Exactly! And being true to our friends is the very basic foundation of friendship! So, don’t worry. She will understand and feel good about the fact that you confessed! At least, I would have felt that way!” I replied.

“Thank you so much Uncle, Bob! You are a savior always!” She said.

“Oh come on now! Anytime!” I said and then we hung up.

It’s always best to own up to our actions. If the mistake has been unintentional, then there is no harm to speak out. Lying to hide the truth will only complicate things and leave room for bad energy. A relationship that thrives on honesty and transparency goes a long way! It makes things grow stronger and paves the way for an everlasting bond!

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