It Was Worth The Wait!

Last evening Adrian, Steve and I met for dinner at a new joint that has become the talk of the town. We had heard a lot about it! As we entered the restaurant, we looked for the best seats. We preferred the right corner near the glass window. The air was filled with the soothing melody of laughter and clinking glasses.

The restaurant staff gracefully navigated the crowded tables, attending to the diverse needs of each table. Alex was the waiter who greeted us with a warm smile. We ordered our drinks and continental menu. He took orders and left. Immersed in the conversation, we hardly noticed that it had been quite some time now.

“Why are they taking so long? I am hungry!” Expressed Steve with an impatient tone.

“I agree! I can’t wait anymore!” Adrian added.

We turned and looked around. It felt like we couldn’t blame them. In the midst of our growing restlessness, we caught a glimpse of our waiter Alex walking meticulously through the line of tables and managing a tray laden with steaming plates. We couldn’t help but feel empathetic!

“They look short-staffed. Month of Love & Romance celebration has made it crowded! Let’s wait and give them some more time. I like our time here and the view! It’s always good to focus on the good things!” I said.

Understanding that the restaurant was experiencing a busy night, Adrian and Steve nodded in agreement. We decided to shift our perspective. We shifted our focus and enjoyed the music and each other’s company. The aroma of sizzling delicacies wafted through the air making us feel hungrier. But, we reminded ourselves that it would be worth the wait.

The moment came after a long wait! Alex came with our food and served them with a sincere apology for the delay. We enjoyed the lip-smacking dishes. “Indeed, it was worth being so patient! The food is out of the world!” Expressed Adrian. Both Steve and I nodded in agreement and not speaking a word. Too lost in the Spinach Rice, Lobster Thermidor, and Stuffed Chicken!

Just before getting the check, Alex came with three slices of Tiramisu. “Thank you for being patient and amazing. This is on the house! The three of us smiled with surprise. We enjoyed the dessert.

At that moment, we realized that our patience had not only preserved the enjoyment of the evening but had also allowed us to witness the hard work and dedication of the restaurant staff. Just a change of perspective, and there we were with full stomachs, content hearts, and a shared realization that patience truly is a virtue. Especially when it comes to savoring life’s most delectable moments.

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