It’s A Big Lie, Don’t Believe It!

I was meeting Alan after many weeks! Last evening, we decided to hit our favorite pizzeria straight after work. “Cheese-burst chicken pepperoni pizza, one plate of white sauce pasta, and two beers!” He ordered. He looked happy!

“The treat is on me, Bob!” He said smiling. “You look so happy and excited! What’s going on? Tell me why this treat!” I asked.

“Bob, I remember how I was dealing with low self-esteem issues last year. I didn’t know if I was on the right track. I felt like giving up on my current work while at the same time not having enough confidence to walk on a new path. It was you who said something that changed my outlook! I followed your advice and I am doing so much better,” He replied.

“Really? I am glad that I could help!” I replied.

“Yes, Bob. You were the one who told me the two things I have to keep in mind. Firstly, to be the judge of my own progress. That is to try doing better each day by not settling for anything less. And secondly, to have pure intent that is backed by diligent efforts. Whether the path is new or old, this will boost my self-esteem. It will help to regain my trust in myself. That is exactly what has happened,” He said.

“Oh yes! Now, I remember us having that talk! Well, these two mantras have always helped me and everyone around that I know,” I answered.

“That day, I understood that I should level up each day! In doing that I became more confident at every step. And, slowly I started giving my best with the right intent. And, look at me now! I am doing better at work and have started initiating things to start my own venture too!” He replied.

“I’m so proud of you! Now, things will only get bigger and better!” I assured.

The food and the drinks came! “Cheers!” I said and we raised a toast. We spent the rest of the evening indulging in the delicious food and having a good laugh. A perfect combination for Humor Month.

There will be times when the unpleasant moments of life might make you question your own confidence. You might feel that ‘I am not good enough’! But, just remember that it’s a big lie. You are good and there is always room for betterment! Just, don’t let yourself settle for less! And, let your pure intent and hard work do the rest!

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