Keeping It Forever Young With Rose Month

Waking up next to the person you love the most makes me thankful every day. My friends often ask me, “Bob, how do you and Aaliyah keep the romance alive even after so many years?” To which I reply, “We never leave a chance to flirt or surprise!”

Rose Month it is! Yesterday I woke up and kept a bouquet of roses beside her. What better way to start the day than seeing the person you love to smile? Meanwhile, I went to make coffee and breakfast.

“Bob, they are beautiful!!” I heard her scream after some time. I smiled and went in saying, “Good morning!” She kept looking at them and taking in the fragrance she smiled. She then looked at me. “Every time you give me the red ones. Why the other ones this time?” She asked.

“I wanted to express my love for you through each one of them,” I replied. “Is it?” She winked and asked.

“Yes! I got the purple one to let you know that you were my love at first sight. The pink one to tell you how grateful I am to have you. You bring joy into my life each day. The yellow one to let you know that I care for you as much as you do. The orange one to assure you that we will complete this life’s journey together. White one to remind you that I love the innocence and purity that shines through your eyes. The red one to say that I love you and will always do!” I expressed.

“Oh, Bob! I love you. You make me feel like on top of the world every time!” Aaliyah expressed as her eyes got moist.

“The surprises will go a notch higher every time! Come out now! I’m making your favorite breakfast too!” I replied.

You should have seen Aaliyah jumping out of the bed on hearing that!

It’s the little efforts and surprises that go a long way in keeping a relationship healthy, happy, and forever young! It fills the heart with joy and paves the way for more and more love. And, slowly the bond grows stronger and the heart grows fonder.

What cute things do you still keep on doing? Also, share with me your plans for Rose Month!

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