Kiss Crashed, Angel Visits, Always Thankful

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How would you take it if you were interrupted just as you were about to kiss your date? Find out what happened to Adrian! Angels do not always have wings and even if you have been out of touch for years, it’s never late to catch up! Read on…

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Send Kiss Day Greetings!
Kiss Interrupted [Sept 24]

Something incredible funny happened to Adrian. It left him red-faced with embarrassment and us in laughter! Adrian was out on one of his dates with Cathy. His pocket was a little on the dry side, so he carefully and tactfully managed to get Cathy to a park and spend time there. Cathy was happy for the getaway as well, because she’s doing a stressful job and you know how it gets to you sometimes. The point is, they were having a nice time, whispering sweet nothings to each other. They were about to top it up with a kiss when something rather strange happened and changed the course of their date.

Suddenly the shrub right behind Adrian began to shake and he found some leaves reaching out to his face. He jumped up in horror and shock. Cathy was taken aback, too. When the initial shock evaporated, Adrian shot up from his seat and looked behind the shrub. A beaming guy came out. Adrian was about to hit out when something about the man felt familiar. “Hey Addy!” he yelled and held out his fist for a knuckle punch. Then Adrian remembered. He was his junior school mate who was scared of stairs. Adrian returned the punch gladly and introduced Cathy to him. His recounting of the whole incident left me in no doubt that he was glad of this interruption to his date.

An Angel Visits [Sept 29]

After the wonderful message on Grandparents Day, Andrew was repeatedly called on by Eleanor and Frank. But her son Mike was busy with work and so was his wife Lisa. It took a while for them to plan a visit to Eleanor’s place. But when they came around, it was a joyous occasion for them all. I keep reading these reports on the internet and lifestyle magazines saying family bonding is a thing of the past. You should see this family to find out for yourself if these reports are actually true. I agree that things are on the decline and relationships are on the wane in more cases than not, but it’s us who’s got to solve it for us, is it not? We need to figure out time and put in that effort to connect with our family and friends.

It’s very easy to wave the ‘busy’ card and get on with your life. Yes, we all got work and stuff but it does help to carve out time for your dear ones. Eleanor’s family revolves around the little angel Andrew. He’s the apple of their eye and the one that keeps them glued to each other. This trip, which was relaxing and a nice getaway for Mike and Lisa, was possible entirely due to the insistence of Andrew. The happiest of the lot is, of course, Frank. He’s been pampering his grandson to his heart’s delight. I keep saying Frank is a lucky man! He’s got everything going for him now: a lovable family, a perfect partner and a doting grandson. Here’s to you, Frank!

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Send All Angels Day Greetings!

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Send Thank You Greetings!
Naturally Thankful

It came as a surprise to me when Rachael called me up to find out what gift would be ideal for Berka. Berka had helped her and Charlie a lot when they were working on a project. Berka had shown them her documentaries and research materials. Rachael is so touched by her warmth that she and Charlie has decided to give her something as a token of their appreciation. After brainstorming for some time, Rachael called me. I thought for some time and remembered that Berka needed a CD case. Her case got lost in transit. I passed this information to her and it was lapped up readily.

Then it stuck me that Rachael was a person who was always thankful, even when things were not going her way. Rachael has a deep rooted faith in the good intent of human beings. She has always managed to find hope to continue. I think Rachael inherited this from her mom, my sister Liz. In our childhood, I noted the same trait in her. I was the one cribbing and complaining. Liz would always keep a calm head and solve things with characteristic patient. I’m glad Rachael inherited that and not her dad’s hyper nature! He’s more like me, to be honest. Last heard, Berka was so moved by Rachael’s gesture, she was fighting tears.

Getting Together After Years

It was meant to be a special evening anyway. But what we didn’t foresee was that it could exceed our expectations. I was busy at work one evening when an unexpected message landed on my cell phone from an old school mate. He knew where I worked, was nearby and wanted to meet up. I agreed and found myself seated to this guy in a café. He had studied medicine and was to start internship soon. He told me that some of our school pals were in town due to various reasons and it would be great if we could all meet up. It sounded like a fantastic idea. It was.

We met this Sunday evening at a restaurant. I was late, as usual. When I reached, they were all seated and waiting for me. It was fantastic there on. Old memories, scandals, hush-ups, all tumbled out in quick succession. A few surprises but mostly reminiscing those fantastic days that we have left behind. Memories blended with the aroma of excellent food and by the time we were ready to leave, the desire to get back home was just not there. Despite promises to meet up regularly, you know how things are. We have no idea when we’ll meet again, but this one fall evening will remain etched in our memories.

Let’s sign off this week with an excellent Oprah Winfrey quote on friendship: “Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down.”

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Send Friendship Greetings!


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  1. B. Fred sounds good these days. He is doing the right things. Keeping up with his friends is probably the best medicine. We can all learn from Fred. You know many years ago, my husband and I lived in Padova, Italy, just outside of Venice. The first night we were there we strolled the narrow arcade streets. Really nice. We came into a square or piazza and saw all these people talking to one another! The square was jammed packed. We thought there was an event or some sort of entertainment ready to happen. So we hung around. I came up to a young fellow and asked in my broken Italian, “so what’s going on? Will there be a concert?” And he smiled broadly, outstretched his arms and said, “No, es en piazza!” People simply being with people in the town square.” We all laughed out loud. What a night that was. Sending a big hug to you, B. and please let Fred know that I will light a candle for him. always your friend, L.

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