Learning From The Other End Of The Leash!

Sitting at the Central Pub rooftop, Alan and I sipped our cold brews, digging the spring vibes in lower Manhattan. Spotting a person strolling below with his dog, Alan said excitedly, “Hey, I think I need a pooch. What do you think, Bob?”

I shot him a playful side-eye and chuckled, “Remember when I first brought up the idea of you getting a dog? You were like, ‘Nah, man,’ and now look at you, all excited about pooches?”

He laughed, saying, “I knew you’d bring that up but hear me out. Every time I see you and Aaliyah with Kong, I’m like, ‘that’s the real deal.’ I wish May and I had that too. Instead, May and I always seem to be caught up in some argument or another!”

“Alan, you just mentioned how Aaliyah and I love Kong. But do you realize how much Kong has taught us? Here are few things that I have learnt from Kong about relationships-

Forgiveness: No matter how many times I’ve forgotten to take Kong for a walk or Aaliyah has scooted him from a comfortable seat, he’s never held a grudge. We should also learn to forgive our partners and not dwell on their mistakes.

Loyalty: Have you ever seen Kong make us look bad or complain if we gain a few pounds or show up late? Just like Kong is loyal to us, we must also be accepting of our partner’s flaws without complaints.

Listening: Pay attention to what May tells you; listen to her. Kong never interrupts or waits to talk; he simply cocks his head and tries his best to understand. If Kong can understand, surely you can understand May?

Treating Loved Ones Better: Kong’s adoration reminds me to be a better person for my loved ones. Just like Kong sees the good in me, I see the good in Aaliyah and treat her with love and respect!

Cherishing Time Together: The way Kong greets us when he sees us melts my heart every time. Dogs celebrate every moment with us, and we should do the same with our partners.

“That’s so insightful, Bob! You’re right. I have been hard on May. I will now be more understanding of her, and maybe we’ll get a dog soon!” he said, and I nodded in agreement, smiling and raising my glass.

For the remainder of the evening, we enjoyed our beers, exchanging laughter over old jokes and reminiscing about the good times. It was a perfect mix for Humor Month.

Dogs set a great example to help us humans become better partners. They teach us to be selfless, loyal, and true to ourselves. They teach us that love and care is a two-way street. Take care of the ones you love, including your pets, and they will reciprocate with even more care. Remember, just like dogs, we can learn to offer fulfilling relationships to our partners: fewer complaints, fewer demands, and more love.

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