Let It Be A Good Suspense

It was Tuesday morning. The calm and serene autumn breeze had set the tone for the day in NYC. When I woke up, I saw Aaliyah was busy checking out a few diaries and noting down a few things. She looked perplexed. “Good morning my love!” I expressed. She replied to my morning wish without looking at me. It didn’t take me long to realize that she was occupied with something serious. I freshened up.

“Coffee?” I asked. She didn’t reply. She wasn’t attentive. I went and sat next to her. “What’s wrong?” I asked. “I was searching for a few old contacts which could be of some help. My colleague, Lily lost her job yesterday. They fired her. She is nowhere now. She was planning so many things. It’s all helter-skelter now. She is very close to me. I can’t see her like this. Our lives are so uncertain, Bob. What will happen to her?” she cried.

International Hug Day is here! Giving her a tight hug, I kept the diaries aside. “What if this happens to us someday? How will we manage?” she asked with a stressful voice. “Look at me, Aaliyah. I understand that her situation has affected you. It can happen to anyone. Tomorrow is never predictable and that’s how life is. Anything can happen and we must experience as and how life comes and not avoid it. All we can do is enhance our lives every day by being more focused and progressive each day,” I expressed.  

“This uncertainty troubles me. I get so afraid,” she replied. “Any setback can come up anytime just like any miracle can come up too. We must have confidence in ourselves that no matter what, we can deal with any situation with positivity and wisdom. We can surely bounce back! In the end all that should matter is how profound has been our each and every experience,” I answered.

I gave her a glass of water. She had a few sips and then uttered, “So she can handle and get through this, right? We all can face uncertainty and win over it, right?” Taking the glass from her hand I replied, “Of course she can. It’s not the end. It’s a fresh start to new beginnings and new learnings. We all will help her. She is not alone in this.”

“So when difficulties arise we must not make it worse with our reactions. Rather, we should be patient and wise,” she said. “Exactly! Most importantly, have faith,” I replied. “Thank You so much, Bob! I feel so hopeful and better for her and everyone in general,” she said. “I am glad! Now get ready, let’s go out for a nice latte and breakfast before we head to work,” I suggested. “Yay! I’ll get ready in no time,” she said.

If we knew all that’s there in store for us then the essence and thrill of life would have vanished. It is no point knowing the end result of our efforts and thoughts without living the process from start to the end. Getting triggered by our external factors and being impulsive is quite natural. However, we must not let it undermine our own potential and self-confidence. We must not lose our ability to enjoy life and its suspense out of fear. Nothing is predictable.

Just let it go and see how beautifully things unfold itself. Let life be a good suspense! Enjoy every moment as it comes!

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