Love And Friendship-The Best Cocktail Ever!

A Big Hello To All My Friends,

I am going to take you guys on a fun ride this week. As the days go by, I have started to browse the pages of the past and am trying to ascertain what’s in there when future knocks. Quite a ride I am on, tell me where you stand. Write me a line. Before that, here’s your regular dose of smiles and more for the week.

Send Hug Week Greetings!
Send Hug Week Greetings!
Hug Week [Jul 18 – 24]

College days! I’ll let you in, on one of those special college day moments. Well, Science was to be my Major if I had my way, but Rick gave me the much-needed rotten yarn, “Bob, it’s pretty obvious that Science doesn’t get you chicks; at least, not until you’re a filthy-rich middle-aged geek with a mansion and a yacht.” I chose English Lit. Darn! Steve! But I met, Aaliyah – the leggy lass, who walked effortlessly into my life then. She had exactly two words for me, “Hey” as I passed by her from the dorm in the morning and “See Ya…” When I scooted back home in the evening.

Sigh! On the prom night I was bereft of a partner and Aaliyah lent a helping hand. Of course, you know about my dancing skills… A cross between Elvis and Mike… That is errr… Eerie! She held me right and led me on the floor with a smile. Pure magic! Time stood still as we moved to the groove of the music. When we were exhausted and hit the table for a drink, I looked straight into her eyes and said, “Aaliyah, it’s eating me up for the last few days, let me say this, you… You’re…” She just sat there looking at me and we just stared for a while. A long pause – silence – she held her hand out for another dance. We hit the floor and moved slow to a soothing tune. I understood that she understood. Slowly we found ourselves sharing a hug and a smile. Sometimes words are a hindrance, you know… They just know! Tell ya what, when you feel you found the right one, jus’ look straight into her eyes.

Friendship Festival [Jul 20 – 23]

Talking of Aaliyah, it was tough for me to broach the subject with my folks. Well, I happened to be on phone with my old man the next day. I called up home that night.
Mom was on the line.
“You didn’t call for 15 days now.”
Sigh ! Standard phrase of hers ! Actually it was only a week.
“Eat healthy Bob, don’t hit the Big Macs all the time.”
Another one!
“Sure Mom.”
“Take care, talk to Dad.”
“How’s the weather?” He is always worried about the forecast.
“A bit damp, but I’m having fun.”
“I guess. You have cut down to three, right?”
“What?” I knew.
“Ya.” I whispered, you know it’s embarrassing…
“How are you killing the time?”
“Don’t you worry Dad, it’s fun when Aaliyah is, err…”
“So, Aaliyah’s her name, is it?”
“Jus’ a friend, dad.”
“Ah! Alright… Bob, bring her home for dinner this weekend.”
Oops! A long pause.
He knows.
My dad. My friend.
“I am happy for you Bob.”
“I love you dad.”
“I know.” A cackle!
This Friendship Festival I am gonna send my old man a friendship card to let him know that he is not just my father, but the very best friend I ever had.

Send  Friendship Festival Greetings!
Send Friendship Festival Greetings!

Send Birthday Greetings!
Send Birthday Greetings!
A Very Happy Birthday!

This is what I wrote on Ron’s Facebook wall:
Once up on a time, there was a guy who was such a pain in the backside of mine. He was a geek and a total disaster as a fashionista. He dreamt gadgets and spoke gibberish.
And then one day, he reached out as a friend. He spoke no flowery words, but his emotions were genuine.
I understood, I earned a friend that very day.
And today, I celebrate him. And his birth. Wish you a very Happy Birthday, Ron!
Love you.

Stay In Touch!

Here’s a Moment of Zen:
“When the pupil is ready to learn, a teacher will appear.”
So true, isn’t it? We can bend this fact of life a bit, if we remember to stay in touch with our loved ones. They are the teachers we never asked for. They are there by default and will impart worldly wise lessons without our notice. Keep in touch with loved ones. You never know who will save you from what. And remember, if you ever need an ear, you have got Editor Bob jus’ beside you. Write me a line and I will give you the support you seek.

Okay, now, here is the deal… I have started updating Editor Bob’s Blog every Monday and Thursday. I want you to come around, take a read and make the experience interactive. There are some real interesting things happening in the world and let’s discuss what’s worth. In the meantime, connect with your friends and folks and spread some smiles. If you think you have a creative bone in your body, then check out our studio.

Send Stay in Touch Greetings!
Send Stay in Touch Greetings!

Until next week…

Take care.

Editor, 123Greetings

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