Love Conquers All!

My dear brothers, sisters and friends,

Every week starts with hope. It gives us a chance to get back to happier times or continue the streak of joy that was there all week. Choice is ours. Most of us become complacent with the amount of joy that is already there in our life that we forget to work on the factors that brought us to this happy place and thereby, losing the happiness and wondering why! This ignorance is unacceptable if you want your joyful days to continue… And that’s precisely the reason why I continue sending you my blogs and newsletters to maintain the joyful streak that we share!

International Children’s Day [June 1]

What’s more divine than anything else in this whole wide world?

What’s more beautiful than anything else in this whole wide world?

What’s the most amazing sight than anything else in this whole wide world?

What makes you forget all the sadness that you carried than anything else in this whole wide world?

It is the child’s smile. When they smile, everything is alright with the world. Such beautiful beings who don’t know right from wrong, but can turn any situation into happiness.

They have a day for themselves and that’s International Children’s Day.

What are you waiting for? Go celebrate!

Love Conquers All Day [June 3]

If our heart stops beating, life ceases to exist. And there it ends. The sorrow is not for us, but for our loved ones. If heart is just made up of all those things that biology taught us then we would just be like any other non living thing, but for an emotion called love which you can’t find in any science books. Even Medicine is practiced by human beings with emotions.

There is nothing more tender than love. There is nothing more inspirational than love. If there is love, there needs to be nothing else.

Love gives you wings, love gives you that extra push to excel and love makes a monumental task look pedestrian.

That is the power of love.

And that is why even God is associated with love.


If love gives you wings then friendship makes sure that you fly right and is always there to keep you from falling. That’s the power of friendship.

No one is alone in this world if he or she has a friend.

One single solitary friend is all you need to make yourself feel like being in a family, in love and to feel alive.

Friendship gives you strength and when all else fails, it stands by you.

Never underestimate the value of friendship. This priceless relationship is a thankless relationship often taken for granted.

Don’t make that mistake. Ever.


Never listen to what the world says. Yes. People around you try to put you down with their judgment of you, don’t listen to them. They don’t know you. You know yourself better than anyone else.

You know your strengths and you know your weaknesses. No one else has even an idea who you are.

Do not listen to their solutions or other discouraging remarks that try to put you down.

Do not listen to that ever.

Respect your self-confidence and maintain your self-respect.

Take care,

Editor Bob

Love Conquers All Day 2016 [Jun 3]

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  1. B., Your newsletter is so inspiring- full of hope and love. You are an amazing human being and your friends and family are fortunate to have you in their lives. Thank you always for your newsletters and blogs. Keeps me going all the day, week, month, year through. sending hugs straight to you from across the ocean. love, L.

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