Mom! Have You Never Made A Mistake?

Mother's Day Share“She climbed up on the chair to look straight in my eyes while I was seething with rage. The split chocolate milk was streaming down, staining the bed cover. She raised her voice to silence me and said, “Mom, have you never made a mistake ?” I was numbed by the question and I realized we all goof-up and that is how we learn, isn’t it? So why can we not accept the same in the relationship of a mother and a child? In raising children, parents are also growing up and evolving. I immediately said sorry and hugged her and together we wiped off the mess,” shared Megan, mother of two.

A woman isn’t necessarily perfect but a mom is. Hearts expand by just thinking about moms who can go to any length to ensure safety and love for her children.  I remember the super-woman in my life whose invisible cape sheltered me. I had an unbroken smile on my face and spring in my steps because she slogged to give wings to my dreams and I would wander off in the land of endless possibilities and unlimited time.

Moms who readily confess to their faults and resolve them inculcate the value of honesty in their children. Owning up your imperfections is what real perfection is. Moms come forward to share their hilarious goof ups, embarrassing moments and recommend fixes to parents who find themselves in similar tight spots. Read here

On this Mother’s Day make it more special by sharing your images with your kids along with your story at and the best ones will be featured in our blog post on Mother’s Day and 123greetingsCom YouTube Channel. We’ll create a memorable digital album with your story which will tug at the heartstrings of your family and fill your home with giggles and will remain  with you long after they’ve left their nest. Let them relish the sweet and sour taste of motherhood. Use the hash tag #TasteOfMotherHood and #123Greetings and share it with the best and brave moms you know of who can lift the weight from motherhood and recognize the imperfectly perfect woman who is insanely in love with her cubs.

Mother’s Day!
May 8, 2016

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