Mother’s Day, Long-Distance Love, Bride At 60

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The essence of thankfulness is not in the saying, but in the feeling. There are times when you can’t say ‘Thank you’ to your mom because you think words are redundant to convey your emotions. This Mother’s Day, tell her that you care, tell her that you hold her dear and if not for her, you’d hardly be anywhere. Here’s Irina’s story. It’s really inspiring. Read on…

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Mother-Daughter Reunion? [May 10]

Not all mother-child relationships are smooth and sustaining. Sometimes there are wedges driven in at very early stages and these wedges neither fade, nor blur out. Irina’s relationship with her mom is something similar. Irina came to New York with a dream, a dream to succeed and explore the limitless possibilities that New York offers to anyone it opens its doors to. But Irina also had a point to prove. Irina was at loggerheads with her mom all through her teens, trashing everything her mom liked, and wrapping her arms around everything her mom discarded.

In New York, Irina attained what she wanted to. Irina told me, “I want to go home this Mother’s Day, Bob. Not to prove to her that she was wrong, but to tell her that I was right.” Her eyes twinkled with determination as Irina said this. I gave her a hug and said, “I understand.” I really can. There is nothing that you need to prove to your parents, nothing that you need to reiterate. But sometimes it is important that you tell them that you took the right decision at the right time, though they may have thought otherwise.

A very soft “And” broke through my thoughts. I looked up. Irina looked up at me and added, “I also want to tell her, ‘Mom, I missed you.'”

Love… In A Mall?

Kate has a new guy in her life! Yes friends, after her break-up with Jeffrey and the subsequent loneliness, Kate has suddenly come alive. And it’s all because of Henry. Yes, he’s the guy who’s getting Kate all glued to her cell phone these days. Okay, let me spill the beans for you. Kate met this guy when she visited her home in Iowa, this Easter. Kate was out shopping with her dad at the Crossroads Mall in Fort Dodge. Suddenly this guy called out to her dad. They had met at a NFL game sometime, rooting for Minnesota Vikings. Kate, the ultra-romantic girl, had this to say to Irina while recalling the incident: “You know Irina, the moment I saw him, I was like ‘Wow’, I have to talk to this guy!”

They hit it off really well. The only point of concern is that this guy lives in Iowa, so Kate has been making some long-distance calls and messages lately. Though Kate is really one of those mushy types who love the idea of being in love, she’s got to make do with phone calls now. Both of them are not thinking of relocating under the present circumstances. They have jobs that they cannot quit and move places. But we are all happy, Kate has found love again. And this includes Jeffrey, her ex. He was cool about it, happy that he still has Kate’s friendship, if not the tender bond that they shared.

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Down… But, Not Out

Bad news here, folks. Remember I was talking to you about Fred’s illness a couple of weeks back? After a lot of insistence from his friends and family, he decided to go for a check up and get some tests done. Ok folks, time to show you the cards. Fred has been diagnosed with mesothelioma cancer. It’s to do with the tissues of the lungs. One of his friends told me that the excess of asbestos exposure that all of these Vietnam war heroes were subjected to during the war is showing its signs now. Many war veterans have been similarly diagnosed with this fatal disease. We were all devastated to hear the news, but the man at the center of it all bears it with a stoicism that’s mind-boggling.

He’s said to have asked the doctor, point blank, how much time he had on his hands. “I have got stuff to do, Bob,” he told me, “there are a lot of projects that need to see the light of day.” Donna, who had always had political differences with him on various issues but adores him devotedly, asked him, “Fred, are you not afraid?” “Afraid of what?” he retorted, “I’m not afraid of pain. I’m only worried about the work I want to get done.” Now this man needs a bow, doesn’t he?

Eleanor To Become A Bride At 60

Frank is rather busy these days. I met him on my way to office the other day. We crossed paths at the stoop of Eleanor’s place. He doffed his cap cheerfully and walked on. He came to my pad in the evening. After he was settled well, he started speaking. “Ya know, Bob,” he began, “marrying is not the most blissful thing really!” I was a little surprised at Frank’s comment. I was always under the impression that he was blissfully happy to have got engaged to Eleanor.

“There’s so much of leg work to be done!” he continued, “Arrange for everything, buy furniture, order this and that! And doing it the second time is by no means easier!” Apparently Frank has been running all over the place, trying to fix things up for the wedding of the season. Things have to really match up to Eleanor’s tastes, and this lady can be really fastidious. Frank is doing everything to keep up to his love’s wishes, taking them, as the cliche goes, as commands! But at the end of the day, he’s feeling a little drained with all the effort. That’s understandable, because he’s not getting any younger. Best wishes to this wonderful guy and his efforts!

The Zen quote this week is by Groucho Marx: “Some people claim that marriage interferes with romance. There’s no doubt about it. Anytime you have a romance, your wife is bound to interfere.” Now what do you say to that?

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  1. B. So sorry to hear about Fred’s illness. He sounds like an incredibly strong person. You know I think a person becomes brave when he or she helps others in need the way Fred does. And there are so many people out there who need a helping hand. We are all brothers and sisters in this world. He is fortunate to have a friends like you and Donna who are there for him. love to you, L.

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