My Mom’s Arms Were My Sturdy Hammock On A Windy Day!


The days are challenging. The information and automation age is dynamic and creative people are at the mercy of the few who realize the importance of it. We do not know when our jobs will be sacked and we will have to go back to the drawing boards again.

In the middle of the week I suddenly felt insecure and my mind was giving me options but I always chose to be a writer despite of the challenges. I remember once my friend questioned me, “When will you get into a real job?” I chortled but I knew I needed to choose silence.

The weather Of New York is a blend of sun and clouds lately. July flowers are in full bloom. It is exciting time and I love to hang a hammock in my backyard and lie there, recalling the stories in my head and recording them in a voice recorder for penning it down and sharing them with you later. I love to collect my thoughts and save them as voice memos. Sometimes it surprises me when I am doing my new blog story. We observe and absorb so much from the people we come across, even strangers we pass by on the street. Everything leaves an impression upon our thoughts, the trees, the changing color of the leaves, the food we eat and the friends we meet, the whole lot stays with us.

We eventually become like the environment we surround ourselves with. You can say that we are like the water which takes the shape of the vessel it’s poured in.

I stood still staring at the artwork of the clouds and the gale. It was mystical. My creative juices were overflowing as the wind caressed my face and the sky covered me. Little droplets of rain kissed my lips, my forehead and my eyelids. It was like the nature was romancing with me.

I don’t know when I drifted in a childhood memory of mine. My friends and I were playing on a summer day and one of them pushed me from the staircase in my parents’ house and I broke my teeth, it was bleeding and I was terrified. My mom held up the fearful and petite frame of mine and rocked me in her sturdy arms until I felt warm and secured. It was like a sturdy hammock on a windy day.

Aaliyah was out of the house to check on me. She woke me up. She had an umbrella for me. It was pouring now and the wind was frantically blowing while I was in deep sleep in the hammock, she looked at me with shock and concern. I smiled and said, “I was safe in my mom’s arms, don’t worry sweetheart.” She smiled and gave me her usual expression of knowing.

As moved towards the house, I turned once more to look at the trees that held the hammock together, the wind that cajoled me and thought about this flashback, I felt secure and the dynamism of the industry, the automation and the manipulations didn’t bother me. The message was so loud and clear.

Don’t look at the universe with the sense of lack. Rather know that you are being taken care of. Some things work and some do not and that’s that. In both situations you are okay. The Universe is abundant and loves you because you are a part of it.

“I know what to gift to you next Bob… a pocket dream-catcher.” Aaliyah broke the chain of my thoughts. We both chuckled and got into the house for some hot-chocolate, hugs and sweet pie.

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