Oh, How Much I Miss Him!

Yesterday I went to this bakery after work. November flowers were blooming beautifully outside the place. I was having an immense craving for blueberry cheesecake. I ordered one with a cafe letter and sat near the glass wall. I had the first bite. “Gosh, it tastes like heaven!” Then I sipped my coffee and looked around.

Just adjacent to my table was another table there was a teenage boy sitting with his father. He was here after his sports practice and was having a good time with his dad. “This is for your win today!” Said the father who gave him a nice cap and ordered waffles. The boy was so happy! It showed in his eyes!

I got nostalgic! It reminded me of my evenings with Dad in SoCal when we used to hang out together in parks or cafes right after extra class or sports practice. There were days when I won but there were days when I used to sit upset because of losing.

“Hey, Bob! Look here! Don’t be upset. You played well but someone had to win. The better team did. Today was their day! Tomorrow will be yours! However, you can make sure to make each day count by practicing harder and giving your best. That way, you’ll win always!” He used to say and motivate me. His hug would cure the rest!

My hero just knew how to bring out the better side in me. He said the right words and that always encouraged me. The next day I performed better and made sure to win. And, that day I would come out with a big smile and hug him tightly.

“5 consistent wins and that Jersey would be yours!” He used to say and later make us a nice dinner during the weekend to celebrate such little victories.

I think that is what we miss out on. Celebrating the little victories that go unnoticed. My dad made sure to recognize them all – big or small. He would also make sure to not let setbacks or failures create a fuss. There was always a next time! It felt good to be heard, noticed and appreciated. That burnt the fuel in me to do better. That’s what we all should do. Learn from the mistakes and celebrate our efforts since everything counts. And, this paves the way for a happier and positive approach to life.

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