Passover Feast, Palm Sunday, Brakes On Love

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How are you doing with the Birthday Reminder Service? In this edition, we anticipate a wonderful Passover feast, we have a family uniting on a special occasion and why I feel a sense of déjà vu…

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Send Passover Greetings!
Passover Feast [Apr 18 – 26]

Megan has trained as a sous chef for a while now and we will reap the benefits of it during Passover! During her training period, she undertook various experiments that our friends had to eat through! I wouldn’t say that all her efforts were futile. Some of them were exquisite dishes that our friends relished. This Passover, Megan plans to invite all her friends on the ecard dashboard. She will be preparing a meal we won’t forget. Or so she says!

Passover is one of those occasions that have a distinct flavor. Megan wants to capture the essence of this event through her cooking. It’s a project that is close to her heart. We are all going to be there to sample her skills. Adrian confided that though he was not quite confident, he feels that Megan will stand up and deliver this time around. “I have a great feeling about this, Bob,” Adrian said enthusiastically. Next week, I’ll share what happens there.

Palm Sunday Choir [Apr 17]

Eleanor lives a really eventful life! You just cannot keep her away from the scene of action. When there are no such incidents, Eleanor likes to take charge and create some special moments. What’s absolutely amazing is that she makes plans that include others. It’s never something for herself and her immediate family. It’s always about bringing joy to people around her. Recently she tapped everyone in her extended family for a special reason.

Eleanor wants her family to come together on Palm Sunday. Andrew is a member of the church choir. So Eleanor and Frank will travel to join their son Mike and his family. The aged couple never wants to miss out on the days important to Andrew. While they will be there, Eleanor has written to members of her extended family to find out if they would like to drop in. Because it’s Eleanor, I don’t think many would refuse. Frank and Eleanor are looking forward to this day in all earnestness.

Eleanor will send online invitations to get her family together on this day. She will also track RSVPs and ensure that all her family members have a gala time!

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Success At Home

This time of the year is like an extended weekend. And so, logically it follows that getting back to work is like facing a wholesome attack of several Monday morning blues put together! I can tell you that, because when I visited my desk after the holidays I saw a pile of things ready to go to the grind. Seeing all that work together is nerve-wracking and gives you a panic attack. I went to the cooler to have a good glass of water and met Ryan, chilled out as ever. “Hey man, you look worried, can I help you?” he tossed at me. I knew he would.

“Nothing mate,” I replied, trying to make light of the conversation. The last thing I wanted was a lecture on inspirations and motivation. But I had no escape. “I know how it feels, pal,” he continued, “coming back to an overflowing desk!” He shot me a I-know-what’s-on-your-mind look and embarked on his speech about sorting things out in a linear fashion and this and that. At the end of it, I was so bugged by his philosophy and theory, getting back to a desk full of work seemed like Heaven! Thanks, Ryan, you sure can motivate!

Brakes On Love

As I write this, I have a horrible sense of déjà vu. When the question of marriage pops up and families get involved, many romantic streams evaporate. It happened to Kate a couple of years back when she was on the road to the altar.The guy’s family had strong reservations about her family. That marriage crumbled. Now Adrian is getting some cold treatment from Cathy’s family. His meet-the-parents weekend didn’t go off too well.

Adrian feels that it could have something to do with the fact that he didn’t have a thriving career. Cathy tried her best to make things easy on Adrian, but there are some blows for which cushions have not been made. The experience has left Adrian with a badly bruised ego. Cathy is nursing him to feel better. We, as friends, are chipping in as well. I have a bad feeling about this, even though nothing would make me happier to see this love culminate into marriage.

Here’s a Lao Tzu quote to keep Adrian’s spirits high: “Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”

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Send Love Greetings!

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