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Are you making use of the Birthday Service Reminder? It’s quite useful, actually. And by the way, are you just friends with a crush? Find out who is and also how social networks are making someone sad. Join in…

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Send Polar Bear Day Greetings!
Friends of Polar Bears [Feb 27]

The polar bears have two friends in Ethan and Emily, the children of Donna. The siblings were part of a group discussion where they discussed the ill-effects of our habits on polar bears. Since they stepped out of that discussion, the brother-sister duo is sworn campaigners for the cause of protecting polar bears through measures that are eco-friendly. “A little gesture will create bigger ripples by the time they reach our friends in the poles,” Ethan said. They have sounded out everyone on their ecard dashboard into supporting the cause.

It was not long ago that my niece Rachael was part of a similar project on polar bears. When she heard about the initiative taken by Ethan and Emily, she readily agreed to support her friends. They have circulated some pamphlets to our colleagues in the office. Ryan took his and read it through nonchalantly. When Emily sensed his scepticism, she asked, “Would you prefer to support recycling or strangle a polar bear with the plastic bag that you use?” That straightened Ryan out! Donna was a proud mother: her daughter did what she failed to do!

Friendship With A Crush

I told you guys a week back how my relationship with Sarah has morphed into friendship. Let me add, the whole process is not something that I’m comfortable with. When you are in love with someone, it’s very difficult to accept that person as nothing more than just a friend. There is a strong sense of insecurity because you know that sooner or later that person will move on to date others. What’s worse, she will come and share her dating anecdotes with you! I’m dreading that phase when Sarah will hit the dating arena.

Don’t get me wrong here. I’m not saying that I don’t want her to be happy or in love with someone else because our relationship didn’t work out. I always want the best for her. The sad part is, I couldn’t live up to my expectations myself. I wanted to be the best for her but I let myself down. Breaking all contacts could be the way out but I don’t want to lose Sarah all over again. This unstable equation is not something that I can tackle for long. I hope I don’t end up saying something unpleasant to Sarah.

Thanks to Adrian, I felt a little better! He sent out online invitations for a party to celebrate his V-day achievement. His party invitation was well received and well attended, too!

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Being Unhappy

Have you ever thought that the social media networks could make someone grossly unhappy? Ask Irina! Irina has her school and college buddies on her profile. What makes her unhappy is that she’s found herself comparing her life with theirs. And in these comparisons, Irina falls hopelessly short of what she aspired for. “I feel depressed that they are all settled in their lives, earning well and some even have family and kids!” Irina lamented, “And here I am looking for a date!” No prizes for guessing that these notions are giving her sleepless nights.

It’s very easy to dismiss her depression as something juvenile or immature. You may say that Irina is again being her dramatic self. But if you shake off the exterior crust, there is a deep sense of hurt in her. It’s true that Irina has chosen her life as it is now, she has made choices of her own will to be here, but somewhere down the line, she feels that she has missed the bus. When you find the same people you started out with, on the zenith of prosperity, you actually begin to doubt the choices you have made.

That Gut Feeling

Despite Emily’s drubbing, Ryan is upbeat these days! He has reasons and this time they seem unadulterated. Ryan was checking on some books at the store. He was looking for something in particular. He had dedicatedly sifted through one corner of the shelf when he noted a girl doing the same on the other corner. To make it easier, Ryan asked her if she found the title he was looking for on that side. As it turned out to be, they were looking for the same book! They got talking and before they knew it, they were beginning to grow comfortable in each other’s company.

Ryan instinctively asked Sonja (Yes, that’s her name!) for a cup of coffee. Sonja had time to spare and agreed. They hit a coffee shop and spoke about their work and common interests. Ryan narrated the whole story and said, “You know, Bob, I think I like her!” I nodded because I had concluded that myself. Ryan wouldn’t chat with someone who didn’t speak his language. “It’s that gut feeling, you know!” Ryan’s words brought my wandering mind back to his love story. I surmised that this won’t be the last time that I hear about his special friend.

Here’s a funny insight on dating from Monica Piper: “A man on a date wonders if he’ll get lucky. The woman already knows.” Get the drift, Ryan?

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