Putting An End From This Winter!

Sipping the hot chocolate and biting the croissant, I was enjoying my breakfast and waiting for Donna and Megan at our favorite joint in the city. I saw the girls entering. While Megan was all chirpy and looked happy, Donna on the other hand looked a little upset. They came and sat opposite to me!

“Oh, finally the much-awaited winter morning breakfast plan with the two of you is happening! Just like how it used to be during our internship days,” Expressed Megan. “Yes, finally!” I said.

Donna smiled and said nothing. “What happened? Are you okay? Why are you so quiet?” I asked. Megan looked at Donna and then looked at me. There was silence for some time.

“There are a few attachments in my personal life that I can’t put an end to. I try being strict but somehow I end up letting it affect me. I can’t get over certain memories. Especially with my ex. It’s so tough!” She expressed.

Her eyes became moist. We let her calm down and I gave her some water.

“Donna, we all have difficulty in moving on. Even when we have moved on, it’s difficult to completely cut off from the person who once meant so much to us. But, we need to come out of it especially if it’s hurting the present,” I said.

“I know. I try too but somehow go back to making the same mistake again,” She replied.

“Look around, winteris here! It symbolizes an end to things that don’t align with the current state of mind. It tells us to let go of the things, people, and situations that are no longer here to stay. It’s time to give a proper closure and end those chapters! You simply have to be conscious and act accordingly. That’s it! The rest will be taken care of by time and the universe!” I said.

There was silence for a while. Then Donna said, “You are right, Bob. It’s time to rise above all of this and look at the present. With this awareness, I must make conscious efforts at letting go. I must put an end and move on.”

“That’s great! And, I can assure you that once you do that you will open doors for better things that life has to offer,” I said.

Then we ordered breakfast and enjoyed the rest of the morning talking and sipping our lattes.

There are times when we feel stuck in our past attachments and can’t figure out how to deal with them. We end up making the same mistakes and hardly are able to control our actions. It prevents us from moving ahead. That’s why it is important to set boundaries and end things in a pleasant way. Proper closure, conscious efforts at moving on, and embracing new things are the ways in which we can make it easier for us! All these help us to move ahead in life.

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