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Live Life To The Fullest!
  Change Your Life Day [Oct 19]

When you step on the accelerator just about when you are gonna take a turn, it isn’t exactly a wise thing to do. Ask me?! Well, I was the one who hit the bumper. I was jaywalking down the lane when the above-said maneuver was attempted and I was thrown across the pavement. I was conscious enough to understand the EMS sounds and the white-coated docs, but when they chattered about how I would lose or dislocate my left arm if it isn’t held in a particular position I almost went unconscious. From the corner of my eye I could see some John Doe hold my hand. For all the 15 minutes it took I was just concentrating on my arm, not to move it even an inch; of course, he was holding it just right.

I recuperated and came out in one piece after a few weeks. One day I happened to pass by the same hospital again and saw that this guy was involved in yet another emergency case. He was moving with concern and determination, written large on his face as if his life depended on it.

I know, I paid my bills, paid my insurance its dues, and thanked my friends and family who were by my side when I was recuperating. But what about this guy, a virtual nobody, who is concerned and fighting it out there with no credentials as a doctor, but just a nurse. He doesn’t care if he’s paid the price of a life he has saved or waits for a pat. He is just another male that fills up the hospital floor. Mere number! At least for me!

“Hey, he saved your arm!” I heard it loud this time. It came from within my heart. Found him in the Nurses Station in a relaxed mood for a change. He looked surprised. I don’t know when was the last time he saw a patient walking in perfect health, come to him. I profoundly thanked him and even gave him a hug. I guess he was embarrassed. I know why. He never expected it.

Nobody is inferior and everybody deserves a word of gratitude.

Life is made of precious little moments like this and more often than not every single moment has a lesson or two, which could change our lives.


Mammography Day [Oct 19]

Kate’s mom, Diane, adores Aaliyah. She likes to shop with Aaliyah and likes her humility and choice of clothes. No wonder that Aaliyah too likes her a lot. Diane had mentioned to Aaliyah about a lump in her breast and Aaliyah has immediately fixed up an appointment for a mammogram. Diane was petrified, but touched by the gesture. Aaliyah wanted me to accompany them. I have a pin and needle phobia, but if your girlfriend asks you out even if it’s to the coroner….go! That’s my policy, I guess, it’s universal?! Anyways, I was there and there instead of leafing through the magazines that teaches taboo things, I took a look at the chart. Man! I was so ignorant. I never knew much about breast cancer and the mortality rates and radiation therapy. This one is pretty serious. Well, the good news is Diane was carrying a benign lump and a simple extraction would do. But she is happy that she got a confirmation and has promised to come for a routine mammogram at the right intervals. I made sure I would pass on the information to my mom and ignorant ladies I know. Hey! No embarrassment there…it’s a disease and there should be awareness….Aaliyah sides with me here…she goes, “Hey Bob’s pals, innocence is sweet, but ignorance is crime.” Did you hear that?! Go the Bob way, listen to the lady!

One Chance To Live!


Sweetest Day!
  Sweetest Day [Oct 20]

Meggy has a habit. She is a choc-freak and everyone knows it. The adage goes, “women can’t open boxes.” Well, I don’t really agree with that, but women do fill them up for sure. Meggy has boxes and boxes full of chocs and sweets that she has piled up over the months. That’s her personal domain and no-entry-zone for everyone.

On Sweetest Day, she had an excuse and spread her wares, boxes in this case, all over her place. She could become a mini-millionaire if she auctioned it. Such was the collection: Both quality and quantity. Steve was browsing channels on the television and froze on a non-profit organization ad for underprivileged children. Well, no guesses where we were headed. Megan, had a change of heart, and agreed to share her bounty. We’ve never been to an orphanage and didn’t know what to expect. Of course, we expected disturbing scenes. No! That’s a myth.

Once we had a chat with the caretaker of the Home, the kids lined up for the goodies. And they literally ate out of Meggy’s hands. They were happy to see us and jumped all over us, going for our pockets as any kid would do and playing with whatever they found for a while before depositing it back. With chocolate-smeared lips they kissed us all, especially Megan, who by now resembled a choc-dripping reservoir. We had a tear or two, watching the kids having fun, but they were anything but poignant. Kids being kids, they didn’t need to think or judge, but just be themselves. Wow! Is there a way to make a sweet, sweeter?! Yes, share it with kids!


Babbling Day [Oct 21]

When Megan goes babbling all day, it’s tough for us to stop her. She does chat non-stop 24×7 and doesn’t care even if it’s Kong who is the one listening. So, when she goes suddenly quiet, that’s not good news. Hmm….usual! Fight with the boss. She and her boss are chalk and cheese and they end up going for the jugular at least once a week. She was sitting by the fire, contemplating and playing back her duel scenes with the boss while we kept a safe distance from her. It’s a known legend how Megan reacts when somebody pokes her while she is angry. Nah! No one dared.

Our place was dead quiet even though four people were talking at the same time. Alas! Meggy’s voice resounds better on the wall. She is the one with the microphonic shrill.

Kong, the savior, stepped up to the plate. He went by the moaning Megan and sniffed and snuggled to open her up. And boy! Didn’t she open up! She went, “You know Kong, the boss of mine…..blah, blah, blah, blah. . .” Babbling babe Megan on a roll, wink*, wink*.

If the place is quiet and everything is neat, that’s a museum. If there is clutter, Coke cans and juice tins strewn around then that’s called a house err….rather Bob’s place…

Spicy Rap!

Remember buddies, you don’t need everything to enjoy life, but a life to enjoy everything. You’ve got it, all you have got to do is enjoy it. I’m doing my bit…wink* wink*.


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