Stay Aware, Stay Blessed!

Stay Aware and Stay Blessed

“Start by doing what is necessary, then what is possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible.” ~ St. Francis

She looked outside her window while sipping her favorite frappe with a hint of cinnamon and stared for a long time at the discolored autumn leaves detaching from their branches, she could have been one, she said suddenly turning towards me.

I was wordless and looked at the way she’d emerged from an overwhelming time lately where she fought mightily with breast cancer. After the mastectomy and reconstructive surgery, finally, she heard the little phrase she’d been waiting for, “no evidence of the disease.” It breathed life into her heart. She says it was as if she was born again, she was given another chance to live her lost dreams.

Her mom had asked me to talk her into returning to her job as the disease had not only affected their lives but their finances had gone for a toss as well. But, something in her had completely changed and it was evident with the way she looked at me.

I am not going back to the mundane job, Bob,” She said in a crisp tone. “I plan to read, travel, write, play golf  and live each moment of my life, now I know that it matters.”

When I asked her about the way she plans to earn her living, she smiled radiantly and said, “I will not just play or travel but write about the golfers and golf courses across the world.” We both busted out laughing. “When did you chalk out the perfect plan?” I asked amused at the way she walked me through her map. She inspired me to live my bucket list as well before it’s all over. She said, “To live like a minimalist with regard to things is better than to minimize life for the want of them.

She was infused with the Columbus spirit and wanted to go on a voyage to discover life and explore her ‘Self’.  She said, “What kept me afloat when life in itself was a question mark was the prayers, the wishes and support of my friends and a hope to live my dreams. Thanks, Bob, for sending me those bright smiles with perfect words which I wanted to hear every morning, your e-cards indeed are filled with joy and can brighten up a dull day.

It was a moment for me and I believe each one of us must choose a dream over anything which wouldn’t last beyond life and death.

Stay aware. Stay Blessed. See you in the comments.

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