Stressed? Here Is What I Do!

People often ask me, “Bob you are always so full of energy! Do you at all feel stressed?” To them, I say, “Yes I do feel stressed! However, I know how to deal with it.” ‘Stress’ – a word that has become a part of our lives. So much so that we have unwantedly normalized it and have let it come in the way of happiness. Now how to put a check on that? Well, I will help you!

Every day is new and comes with a new set of challenges, constraints and opportunities. We don’t know what is going to happen next! Some days are smooth while others make our temples throb! So, what do we do in such circumstances? Here are three things that I do whenever I feel stressed about something:

  • Try to Relax – Breathing exercises do wonders in less time than you can ever imagine. Doing breathing exercises helps to calm down. Then, I watch something or deviate my attention to things that calm down my mind. I either read some different topic or listen to music or podcasts. They help to divert the stress and ease our minds!
  • Write It Down – Have some warm lemon honey tea or a calming drink and write things down. Writing helps to untangle and see things. It helps to channel the stress out of our minds. Be it expressing how helpless you feel or thinking of a solution, pen it down. It is very impactful!
  • Talk to Loved Ones – Stress brings a lot of overthinking and negative self-doubts. It clouds the thoughts. It’s always a good idea to share how you feel with your loved ones’ parents, grandparents, or friends. You feel less burdened and often get unique solutions. We feel a lot better and more comfortable!

Dealing with stress is not easy. It is draining but don’t give in. The focus should be to not aggravate it further. Harping on it will only make the situation worse. So, avoid doing that. The above-mentioned ways help me to overcome the stressful times and hope they will work for you too. Try them out!

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