This Spring, Rise Above!

Nature has reclaimed its vibrant colors and the air of Big Apple is filled with the sweet fragrance of flowers. Everyone is infused with fresh energy. Spring is here! I was watering the flowers in the balcony when the doorbell rang. It was Alan!

“Hey, Alan come in!” I greeted. “I have got breakfast, all we need is coffee!” He said. “That’s great! Let me make it!” I replied.

While I was busy making the coffee and arranging the plates, I could sense that Alan was a bit lost.

“You look disturbed! Is everything alright?” I asked.

“My uncle is shifting to New York. Years ago my dad and he had a fallout. Last week he visited our family and wanted to sort things out. He wanted to start afresh and was apologetic for all that he has been guilty of. Dad has forgiven him and both the brothers have decided to start afresh. I am still hesitant. He wants to meet me as well. What should I do?” He asked.

“Alan, we should be forgiving and know that there is nothing greater than realizing our own mistakes. It takes a lot of courage to do what he has done. Look around, spring is here! It symbolizes new beginnings and hope. It shows how unpleasant scenarios can teach us the best lessons, and how those lessons can pave the way for vibrant and brighter days. Give him another chance and meet him,” I suggested.

“You are right! I should meet him and must leave the past behind. I will see him today then,” He replied.

“Yes, do that. And, with a bigger heart welcome him with all your affection,” I replied, and then we enjoyed our breakfast.

Family bonds and relationships are precious and we must always cherish them. Holding onto hard feelings or misunderstandings is never wise. We should rise above such situations and be forgiving. We should leave the past behind and look at the situation through the lens of love and compassion. This will ensure our growth and make our bonds stronger!

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