Time Flies – Make The Most Of It!

Yesterday was a hectic day at work. While coming down, Donna looked at me and said, “Bob, you remember how we both used to spend our time in Central Park right after work? With burger and coffee in hand, I remember spending the evening venting out!”

“You want to do that now?” I asked. “Yeah, why not?” She answered. So, we took two cappuccinos from a nearby takeaway and headed towards Central Park.

Years ago, Donna and I bonded instantly. She was the one who hunted my profile and motivated me to join this work. The initial days were challenging but she boosted me so well. Over time we counted on each other and that’s how we bonded!

“You remember when I had to present in front of the boss, I was so nervous! I ended up stammering!” She expressed while sipping her coffee.

“Oh, I remember! I also remember the day when you had seen me with Aaliyah in the initial years of dating while I had bunked work! We had a spark! You had said!” I expressed.

“Oh yes! I knew you both were meant to be!” She said. Then we sat on a bench.

“It feels like yesterday. When did so many years pass by, Bob?” She asked.

“Seriously, time flies! When I look back, I feel it hasn’t been that long. But, that’s not the case. So many years have passed in growing together and evolving. Learning, applying, and embracing life. Dreaming, executing and, achieving –there’s no stopping!” I expressed.

“That’s true! Having each other’s back and living both the good and challenging days have been worth it! I couldn’t have asked for more!” She said.

“I agree! I am glad that we went through every ups and downs and never gave up!  We lived through all and made every moment count,” I said.

“Now let’s enjoy a nice walk in this autumn evening!” She said and then we walked and continued our banter.

There will be days when we will be happier and feel like on top of the world. But again, there will be days when we will wonder how to get through! Some days we will pat ourselves for the progress while some days we might have to push ourselves a little more to simply get up! That’s how life is. An unpredictable teacher! But, in all such days – allow yourself to live fully in all the days. Time flies and this time will never come back! Embrace and experience life each day as it is.

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