Tree-Mendous Change Needs Tremendous Efforts

Earlier this morning, Mrs. Bradley invited me over to admire her freshly bloomed spring flowers. Among the tulips, daffodils and carnations, I exclaimed, “It’s beautiful! Your garden looks amazing!” ‘Oh, thank you, Bob! Come, have a seat!” she said as she graciously offered me some hot chocolate and cookies.

 As we settled on a nearby bench surrounded by the vibrant blooms, Mrs. Bradley asked, ‘So, what have you been up to lately?’

“Well, Mrs. Bradley, you won’t believe it,” I replied, unable to contain my excitement. “Those dance lessons are really paying off. I’m actually going to perform at my academy’s dance show.”

“Wow! That’s fantastic, Bob!” she exclaimed, her eyes gleaming. Then, with a fond smile, she recalled, “But Bob, do you remember that Cinco de Mayo party? Your two left feet? Classic!” We both burst into laughter.

Taking a sip, I asked, “So, how’s your Green Park initiative going, Mrs. Bradley?”

“Bob, honestly it is hard to find people interested in our campaign to plant trees. Even if we do, very few turn up for the event. For the upcoming Arbor Day event, I’m feeling a bit discouraged,” Mrs. Bradley admitted.

I decided to uplift her spirits by drawing inspiration from trees and said,

“Challenges will make you stronger: Mrs. Bradley, storms make trees take deeper roots. Don’t let the current setback demotivate you; it is setting the stage for the bigger challenges you may face later when your initiative grows.

Embrace humble beginnings: Just like the giant pine tree grows from a tiny sprout, every small action can create big changes. Be confident that every small initiative, even if only a few people turn up for your campaign, will one day create a big change.

Inspire others: Have you seen the majestic grandeur of trees? Similarly, think about how you can be an inspiration to those around you in your pursuit of bringing change. Like trees, with their towering presence, become someone who inspires others.

Branch out: Step out of your comfort zone and push boundaries. Try new ways and ideas to engage people with your vision and mission.

Never give up: A cactus grows in the most arid of environments. Adapt, grow and be resilient to new challenges. You can do it, Mrs. Bradley!”

“That was really helpful, Bob! I needed to hear this!” Mrs. Bradley exclaimed, a smile painting her face.

Mrs. Bradley and I spent the rest of the time brainstorming ideas to garner more support for her tree planting initiative as we savored our hot chocolates.

Bringing a change is not easy. You may face setbacks, challenges; whether it’s at home, at work, or in your community. Stay open, adapt, be resilient, and keep moving. Like a tree sheds its leaves for a fresh start, welcome each season in your life with a new attitude, shedding inhibitions and fear along the way.



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