10 Signs That You’ve Met Your Twin Flame!


It is freezing here in NYC. The lake is frozen and it is snowing incessantly. This serene white-winter makes me vulnerable and also grateful for the warm home and kind friends and family to share my life with.

Aaliyah and I remain in bed for a long time in the morning, pouring our hearts out to each other. Sometimes it freaks me out to notice the likeness we both share, the way we are pulled to each other and the way we complete each other in all respects overwhelms me.

Love is beautiful when you are sharing it with the one who is your twin flame.

Twin flame relationship is very intense and it is the feeling of coming home, the connection is deep, unlike soulmate relationship, twin flame bond is not just based on similarities rather it is like a mirror.

There is an undeniable feeling that your meeting was fated. It is like a fortunate stroke of serendipity that brings both together. I met Aaliyah in a spiritual seminar, I was in a relationship and so was she, but the pull was so strong that we could not be without each other.

After an year of our distant friendship we both realized we belong to each other. The confession had to be made to our partners and we gave each other the strength to own up to the truth.

Today each day is beautiful with her. She is the warmth in my heart. This love month I plan to give her surprises though she knows me so well that she predicts my every move. It is difficult to hide anything from her.

It is amazing to meet someone who is truly your other half. How would you know when you meet one?

The 10 Signs To Look For When You Have Met Your Twin Flame!

  1. Feeling as though you know the person for a long time even if you have just met.
  2. He/ She is your other self. There are striking similarities or complementing traits between you. Your deeper personalities and values mirror.
  3. You feel tingling sensation or heart palpitations when you’re together.
  4. You want a complete union with the other. A feeling of gravitating to each other like magnets.
  5. You see each other beyond the ego and guise. You can look into the other’s eyes and feel their feelings.
  6. It is common with twin flames to meet under strange serendipity circumstances as if you are guided to each other.
  7. Emotionally and physically intimate and compatible. You are on a identical wavelength. When you hold hands and walk together, you feel a sense of overwhelming warmth within you.
  8. Aligned with your life-purpose. It seems like you’ve been waiting for this person all your life.
  9. You feel safe and understood. A sense of having an intimate world where nothing else matters. You feel you can share your innermost secrets with this person.
  10. There is a sense of completion with that person. You feel calm and peaceful around them.

However, the soul recognizes when you meet your twin flame. The love is so soothing and accepting.

I am excited for the upcoming Valentine’s Day. I will celebrate it with my twin flame. I am so grateful to dear lord for having given me this blessing.

Keep your loved ones warm with special greetings this season.

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