Love Is Taking Action

Love is a verb. It is realized more in action than in words.

February brings with it a splendid time to celebrate “love” together. Love can lead to great friendships and lasting relationships.

Unfortunately, I see few people express a lot of love casually and create an illusion of it, whereas when it comes to showing the love in action, they fail miserably. It is true that your word colors your life. Expressions are immensely vital in a relationship. Without it, the heart withers away tired of trying too hard without any reassurance.

Will only saying that you love for the sake of it suffice? The truth will be known as time presents many adversity tests.

Love entails sacrifice. Unlike, you feeling the burden of compromises you make, you smile at yourself and succumb to the sweet surrender.

I know that I am in love when I look in the mirror and see her choices coloring my personality, when I see her effect on the way I pick my cologne.

Even when I take key decisions, I let her guide me. I might not listen to her always but I involve her nevertheless. She smiles and gives in to me when I get into the debating mode. The expectations and the need to win have lost their importance with us now. We know we are the lovers who act rather than say hollow words of love.

We have had our highs and lows but we never lost respecting each other and that strengthened the love. Mere words won’t shield you in tough times. Only when you take the necessary action is when you will be able to become love.

True love transforms. It is like the colors of the rainbow blended together to become light itself. Love is somewhat like losing your sanity. In reality you only let go of your narrow sense of identity and it expands to include one more person and in some rare cases it includes whole of humanity.

The white cozy winter, the warm hugs, the sweet kisses and the cheerful smiles of my love keeps me going. The promises that she whispers in my ears when we make love fulfills me because I know she means what she says.

A lover is your best friend, there cannot be an exception to this because, two people cannot become one or survive the piquant quality of love unless they can befriend each other.

There is no question of acceptance in love because in true love you open like the tea leaves in hot water and blend to become a healing concoction for life.

You fall in love with yourself when you are visited by true love. It never deserts you even if the one you are in love with is no longer with you.

Be a true Valentine and see how your actions express more than your words.

Send the lovely greetings on this beautiful day only if you mean the words scribed in them.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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