10 Ways To Cheer Up Instantly This Summer!

Yes! I hear you. Something often comes in between you and your plan to stay happy, I’ve been there too and realized that it is because there is a buffer time between me and my goals. So, what do I do in the meantime? When I lack faith I find myself miserable further delaying my receiving, sitting in a corner sulking and attracting like-minded people who paint a gray picture where my dreams get lost forever in the dense clouds of doubt. However, when I stay positive and buoyant, resourceful people come to me and the journey itself becomes exciting.

I don’t have to convince you more about the importance of staying optimistic and understand that even broken crayons still color. While you’re waiting for your goals to happen, do a huge favor to yourself, cheer up.

I am sharing 10 ways which help me regain my buoyancy, it is by no means an exhaustive list and I welcome you to add on your unique ways in the comments below. Remember by way of sharing you are making a huge contribution in the world where one out of ten people are depressed. The day is not far when depression will take over the world population if we don’t battle it with our inner Bruce Lee.

  1. You are unhappy because you are not in alignment with your individual goal, you’re probably being lead where you don’t belong, so stop and drop everything once and then pick up only those things that match up to your goals. Don’t scatter your energies.
  2. Observe the kind of company you keep. Notice the people who are attracted to you. The behavior of the people around you says a lot about your own internal state. It is like a radar that helps you to navigate back to the path of your dreams.
  3. Awaken to your strengths, make a list of your best qualities and read them daily. Stay positive and believe in yourself. Remember, the old saying, count your blessings, it works wonders.
  4. Read, listen and watch stuffs which influence you in the best possible manner and are adding to your life.
  5. Chocolate is a better stimulant than the harmful stuffs you indulge in. Enjoy them to the utmost, especially on the upcoming Chocolate Day on the 7th of July.
  6. It’s summertime, go to the beach and chill.
  7. Be all smiles. Physiology affects our energy level. So stop frowning and drooping.
  8. Kissing is another magical remedy which makes you feel wanted and that puts you and your partner in a place of ecstatic joy. Hug the one you love and feel their strong presence in your life.
  9. Music is meditation, make your own peppy playlist which will lift you up instantly. The first song I hear every Monday morning is, “I have a dream… a song to sing… to help me cope… with anything,” by Westlife. Share yours and together we can create an amazing list of songs which sing to our soul.
  10. Spice up your now, bake some exciting scones and season them with your favorite flavors and dive in with a refreshing watermelon cooler.

Rolling the dice to you now, see you in the comments. Cheer up!


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