July Is The Month Of Freedom

Freedom is so cherished, so precious and is won with a lot of struggle. It is difficult to be bonded by external or internal inhibitions that keep us away from this delightful state of liberation of the self. So friends, this week keep yourselves free from unwanted commitments and thoughts. Align your thoughts, words and actions and celebrate freedom wherever you are.

Canada’s 149th birthday on 1st of July is followed by the 240th birthday of the United States of America on the 4th of July.

Many other countries are celebrating independence day in July which includes Venezuela, Somalia, Slovakia, Rwanda, Peru, Maldives, Liberia, Belgium, Bahamas, Argentina and so on. We wish them all a very Happy Independence Day!

We have a blue summer sky with cotton candy clouds here in New York and we are looking forward to the parade, the fireworks along with cracking some beer on the upcoming holiday.

Sitting across the table with Fred and his foster children who have not been educated in the United States and had almost no knowledge about the significance of the Fourth of July, I decided to play a game of quiz where Aaliyah, Fred, Donna, Emily and Ethan would answer the questions related with the independence of USA and let them listen to the story in a fun manner. Sharing the 9 amazing questions that informed them about the birth of this fine nation with you all. Have a spectacular day with 4th of July trivia quiz while you are celebrating with friends and family.

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4th of July quiz 44th of July Quiz 54th of July quiz 6

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Share your joy with folks and friends. Celebrate the birthday of Canada and America with your friends, family and loved ones and wish them a Happy Fourth of July with these bright and sparkling Ecards.

Fourth of July!

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