3 Reasons Why Love Is The Answer!

Aaliyah had been called to be the photographer at a graduation ceremony recently and she asked me to accompany her. I was a bit reluctant at first because graduation ceremonies can be long and tiresome. However, she bought me my favorite donuts and I couldn’t say no!

I cannot express how glad I am that I went for it. I had completely forgotten the emotions I felt as I walked across the stage so many years ago. The eager faces of these young graduates were filled with hope, excitement and nerves. Parents who had arrived from all over the world were brimming with pride and tears. It made me think are the virtues of love and hope the answer to the existing vices of today? I think so.

Love Inspires

Love inspires you to be a better person, to be the best version of yourself. It makes you a happier person. Love gives you the necessary boost to achieve your dreams as you begin approaching life with an optimistic outlook. Love fills you with the desire to do better for people around you.

Love Gives Strength

Love gives strength to carry on the journey that is life. It gives you the power to overcome any obstacles in your path. It gives you the courage to forgive and heal.

Love Overcomes Hate

Love means accepting the beliefs and lifestyle of the people around us. I believe a small gesture of love from each of us can make the world a better place to live in. Love has the power to rid the world of all hate.

In the light of recent events, we may give up hope but this is when we need it the most. This is when we need to stand together. Only light can rid darkness and love conquers all. Keep shining the light of love wherever you go.



National Doughnut Day,
June 2, 2017
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Love Conquers All Day,
June 3, 2017
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Graduation 2017,
May – June
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